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    What to Ask About Getting Cheap Pool Maintenance

    Owning a swimming pool can be rewarding and fun, but pouring money into pool maintenance can sometimes make owning a pool feel like more trouble than its worth. Luckily, there are great ways to keep a pristine pool without overwhelming your budget. Getting cheap pool maintenance doesn't always have to mean hiring the neighbor kid for cheap labor, either. There are numerous ways to make pool maintenance less expensive and several ways to find cheap pool maintenance without sacrificing on service quality. Check out the top eight questions about getting cheap pool maintenance, so you can start saving money today! 

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    Where can I find cheap pool maintenance in my area?

    Do some research online and compare prices for local pool cleaning and maintenance companies, but don't just settle for the lowest bidder. You also want to make sure the company you choose does quality work. Ask friends, neighbors and family for recommendations, as well, to make sure you find a good company to work with.

    Are there any deals available for pool maintenance?

    Sites like Groupon often run specials on services, including pool maintenance. Using these sites can save you a considerable amount of money on pool maintenance, so always check first to see if there are any local deals.

    Are there things I can do to help make pool maintenance more affordable?

    If you're trying to save money on pool maintenance, the first thing you should do is only hire for services you can't do yourself. Testing your own pool water, cleaning the pool weekly between bigger cleanings, purchasing your own pool supplies and running your pool pump as little as possible can all help you save money on pool maintenance. 

    What should I look for when shopping for pool maintenance?

    Always look for a good balance between cost and quality when shopping for pool maintenance services. While you may be able to find cheaper service, if the quality isn't there, the money you spend won't be worth the service you're getting. Look for reputable pool service companies that offer the best deals possible.

    Can I save money by signing up for regular maintenance?

    Some companies will give you a better rate if you sign up for regular pool maintenance instead of a one-time job. When you find a pool company you're interested in hiring, be sure to ask about any special pricing or rates for ongoing services.

    Will pool companies allow me to buy my own chemicals and products?

    Some smaller pool maintenance companies will use the products you buy while others may require that you allow them to use their products. Check with any pool company ahead of time to find out if you can use your own products and chemicals, which can save you a considerable amount of money.

    How often do I need pool maintenance?

    How regularly you need pool maintenance will depend on several factors, including how often you use the pool, how much maintenance you do yourself and whether you shut your pool down for winter or not. Talk to your local pool service to find out how often pool service is recommended.

    What is included in regular pool maintenance?

    What's included in your pool maintenance will depend on the pool company you choose, how often you do maintenance tasks yourself and other factors. In general, pool maintenance services include cleaning, checking and maintaining chemical levels, cleaning the skimmer and pump, cleaning the filter and visually checking equipment. Talk to your local pool service companies to find out which services are included in pool mainteance.