Ask This About Getting Cheap Flights with Military Discount

Are you an active or retired member of the U.S. military? If so, most major airlines provide military discounts for airfares to destinations all over the world. Take that long vacation you've always wanted, or take a short flight and enjoy a long weekend -- you've earned it. This is a way for major airline companies to thank men and women who served their country. If you're an active or retired military member, you'll need to check with each airline about how they handle their military discounts. We've compiled important information that can help you plan your trip while taking advantage of all you can save. Ask the following questions to learn more about getting cheap flights with your military service discount.

Can I get on a military hop?
Some airlines have flights with space available for military hops. A military hop is free for military members and usually their families. This privilege is also usually available for retired military members as well.
What is this airline's military discount program?
Each major airline operates its military discount program differently. You'll want to gather and compare information from several airlines to find out which airline's program best fits your needs.
Can military discounts be combined with other deals?
Most airlines let you combine their military program discounts along with other airfare sales they're having. This can be especially useful for finding cheap airfare when you want to travel during the tourism offseason.
What are the top 3 military airfare deals?
Airfare deals for military members can change, but currently our three top offers are by Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Airlines and Delta Airlines. Alaska offers free checked bags for active duty military and military dependents, and Allegiant offers up to three checked bags for free for military members. Delta Airlines offers special rates through its reservations department.
Can a travel agent help?
Find out whether you're maximizing your discount potential by chatting with a travel agent. Sometimes, travel agents have knowledge of better military travel deals than you might be aware of.
When am I willing to fly?
Your military discount will go further if you're willing to fly at less desirable times of the day or night. Also, leaving on a weekday may save you more money than leaving on a weekend. You're also more likely to find military hop seats during less desirable travel times.
Do I have frequent flier miles?
Anyone can save money with frequent flier miles, but you'll save even more if you combine these savings with your military member discounts.
Do I need to create an account?
You may need to create a special account with an airline in order to use its military discount program. Most of these accounts are free, requiring no annual fees.

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