3 Ways to Get Cheap Custom Business Cards

In many cases, your business card will be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business, so having a well-designed, quality business card is important. However, business cards can also represent a big expense to small or start-up businesses, which makes finding inexpensive options for business cards a top priority for many businesses. In some cases, business cards can even be obtained for free or at a very low cost through companies like Vistaprint, while still receiving quality cards that showcase your business in the best way possible. The top three places to order cheap custom business cards are Vistaprint, Moo and Zazzle. Keep reading to learn the top questions to ask when deciding where to buy your business cards! 

Which company is best if I already have a design I like?

All three of the top business card sites allow you to upload your own design for printing, so you can choose whichever one works best for your needs.

How can I get quality free business cards?

Vistaprint often offers a promotion that allows you to get free custom business cards printed, so you only pay the cost of shipping. Keep in mind, however, that free business cards are only available to new customers, and subsequent orders will be printed at a full or discounted price.

Which site offers the least expensive business cards?

All three sites offer great deals on business cards, but actual pricing will vary depending on your design, the type of paper used and other factors. Check each site to compare pricing before you order, so you can get the best deal available!

Which weight of paper is best for business cards?

In general, higher-quality business cards are made with a heavier weight of paper, though heavier papers can be more expensive. Try to find a good balance between having a heavy weight paper and affordable pricing, if possible.

Can I print color business cards using the top three services?

Yes, all three allow for a full range of designs for your business cards, including full-color designs. Check the pricing for each site to determine which one gives you the best deal on full-color custom business cards.

Are there designs for me to choose from, or do I need to supply my own?

All three of the top business card companies offer a variety of stock logos and designs you can choose from and further customize, to make highly-personalized business cards that fit your business perfectly.

Are various sizes of business cards available?

Yes, all three of the top business card companies offer a selection of sizes available, so you can go beyond the traditional rectangle and find a size and shape that perfectly suits your business.

What kind of paper will my business cards be printed on?

All three sites offer a variety of customizations, including the type of paper your cards are printed on. From matte to glossy and heavy to thinner papers, you can fully customize your cards to your liking.

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