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    Ask This When Looking Up A Cell Phone Number

    Looking up a cell phone number can be difficult these days. Before the age of cell phones, you could use a phone book and find any business or residence. However, with cell phones things are much more discreet since phone numbers are private. Still, there are a number of ways to look up a cell phone number, but sometimes it will cost time and money. Finding cellular phone numbers will usually require using the internet and some pre-existing knowledge about the person or number you are looking for. Here are some questions to ask when looking up a cell phone number.

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    What do I need to look up a cell phone number?

    To look up a cell phone number, you will need a name and an address. You will at least need a name, but if you do not have an address you will need to do a little more research before you can find their cell phone number. It is very likely that if you need Bob Smith's cell phone number, results will pop up with multiple Bob Smiths, so you will need to narrow it down.

    Can I obtain cell phone numbers from the internet?

    Yes, there are a number of cell phone directory websites.Some websites will require individuals to register in their directory beforeyou can look up their number. You may also need to find out if the websiteincludes up-to-date information, since many websites do not.

    Do I need to pay to look up a cell phone number?

    If you intend to get the number from a cell phone directory, then you will most likely need to pay for it. Most websites will require you to pay some kind of fee to obtain a person's cell phone number. Many websites will tell you that it's free and will say they found the number, but to get a detailed report with the number you want, you will need to pay. Other websites, like the National Cellular Directory will have opportunities to look up numbers for free, although there is a 2-person limit.

    Can I use social media to look up a cell phone number?

    If a social media user makes their cell phone number public, then social media is a good way to get the cell phone number you are looking for. On Facebook, you can get your friend's cell phone number by clicking on their About section of their profile. If they have provided their number to the website, then you can get it from there. LinkedIn users will also sometimes provide their cell phone numbers so that others can get in touch with them.

    Can I look up a cell phone in a phone book?

    The Yellow Pages or White Pages will usually give you the numbers of a business or residence. Unless the business is using a cell phone number as a business phone and is listed in the phone book, you are unlikely to find cell phone numbers in a phone book.

    What are some other ways to obtain phone numbers?

    One way is to get in touch with the person through other means, such as email or social media. You can ask the person for yourself, rather than search for it on the internet. Another way, if you can't get in touch with them, is to ask others. You can ask your friends that may also know the person, or ask friends of the person whose cell phone number you are looking for.

    Is my purpose for looking up a number lawful?

    Looking up a cell phone for unlawful purposes can get you in a lot of trouble. Using information to harass, stalk or threaten others is forbidden. If you met a girl at a bar and you didn't get her number and you wish you had, don't use a cell phone directory to get it. This is considered stalking. If you got her number and lost it, consider getting in touch with her on Facebook. Use your best judgment.

    Can a 411 directory tell me a cell phone number?

    Usually these directories will provide you with residential or business numbers, not cell phone numbers. In addition they will also charge you fees for using them.