Cat Litter Box Refills and Complete Systems

Nobody relishes the thought of changing the cat's litter between the smell and the filth. However, with the right litter box, you can make the job easier and a whole lot less messy. Of course, the more functionality that a litter box has, the more expensive that it is. However, a great litter box doesn't always have to cost you an exorbitant amount. By shopping around, you can find good deals on litter boxes with products available in all price ranges. Litter boxes wth refillable systems take some of the trouble out of cleaning the cat box. If you are looking for a convenient and affordable litter box solution, ask these questions about cat litter box complete systems and refill options.

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Can litter boxes use any type of litter?

Some litter boxes are compatible with any type of litter, but make sure to know that prior to buying the box or litter. It is also important to know exactly what litter the box will take. There are some litter boxes, such as the ScoopFree (available from Petco for $139.95), which have their own refill cartridges and make refills easy.

How Often Should Litter Boxes be Cleaned?

If the litter box is not self-cleaning, it is best to clean them often, on the order of twice per week to prevent germs and smells. If there is more than one cat, they should be cleaned more often. If there is an automatic litter box such as the LitterMaid Multi-Cat Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, the box will not have to be cleaned. This is available at Petco for $99.99. 

Do PetSafe Refills Work Well?

PetSafe refill cartridges are effective. Refill cartridges can be bought at Petsmart for $16.99. Their cartridges are both more cost-effective and work better than clumping litter. The tray is disposable so nothing has to be scooped or touched. Instead, it can be disposed. 

Are Litter Boxes Self-Cleaning?

Some litter boxes can clean on their own in pre-timed intervals. The PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box removes the dirty litter automatically. It comes with a receptacle to hold the waste. This litter box can be found on for $67.99. Commercially available litters that are premium and clumping, such as ScoopWay Complete, can be used with this box.

What Litter Boxes Have Their Own Refills?

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze and the PetSafe Systems have refill cartridges available for use. The Breeze pellets, which are $38.99 on Amazon for six 3.5 pound pouches, are longer lasting than the average refill. It dehyrdrates solid waste at the same time that it allows urine to pass through. 

What is a Good Budget Option?

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box gives odor-preventing functionality and costs $32.99 at Walmart. It contains ammonia blocker that can prevent odors for up to seven days for one cat. The filtering pellets separate solid waste, which allows it to be easily removed.

Does the PetZone Smart Scoop Box Work?

This is an automatic litter box that cleans the waste out on its own. It comes with six waste compartment bags that receive the waste after it has been scooped so there is no contact with the waste necessary. The PetZone Smart Scoop is available on for $84.38. You can buy replacement waste bags at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

Can Litter Boxes Be Used for More Than One Cat?

Some litter boxes are large and have the capacity to be used by multiple cats. For example, the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan has capacity for multiple cats. The roominess of this box allows multiple cats to find a comfortable place inside the box. This box is available on Amazon for $23.

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