Ask This When Buying Luxury Bath Towels

Looking for a set of luxury bath towels? There's nothing quite as refreshing as stepping out of hot steamy shower and wrapping yourself in a soft, plushy towel. A low-quality towel will deteriorate in no time and make you feel just plain yucky. Only a high-quality luxury bath towel can soak up moisture fast and offer the durability to make it last for years. From the top retailers like Macy's, JCPenney and Bed Bath & Beyond, you can find a variety of luxury bath towels at a reasonable price. Choose from prima cotton towels in a variety of colors or monogrammed towels in a variety of styles. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life. With that said, ask these questions when buying luxury bath towels.

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Will buying luxury towels save me money?

In the long run, buying luxury bath towels will most definitely save you money. When you think about it, you'll spend a lot more money rebuying cheap towels that deteriorate quickly. It's better to buy a few towels at a higher price than a whole lot of cheap ones. Only luxury bath towels made of premium materials will provide you with the longevity you want. They can withstand more washing than your typical towel.

What materials should I look for?

When buying luxury bath towels, you want materials that are durable and soft, so they last you a long time and feel great to use. They also provide much better absorbency than other towels. For these reasons, there is no better option than cotton. Choose premium cotton options like prima cotton or Egyptian cotton towels that will have higher thread counts for plushness and durability.

Where can I find monogrammed towels?

One of the best places to buy monogrammed towels is at Macy's. They offer a huge selection of monogrammed towels for as low as $16 each. Avanti Bath Towel from the Ivory and Gold Collection towels are available for $22 and you can also find a set of three towels for $40. But catch these deals soon, because they won't last forever.

What's the point of monogrammed towels?

Monogrammed towels are a great option for adding a personal touch to your bathroom. Typically, you have a towel monogrammed with your initials, so you can have his and her towels or you can have your last initial monogrammed for the whole family to use. Monogrammed towels are excellent ideas for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. They'll give your bathroom an extra touch of class and sophistication.

What deals can I find at JCPenney?

At JCPenney, you can find a huge selection of luxury bath towels at low prices. JCPenney offers a whole collection of luxury spa towels for as low as $51 or Liz Claiborne Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels for $26. Monogrammed hand towels are also available for $46.80 - normally a $78 value.

What deals are available at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Bed Bath and Beyond also offers a superb selection of luxury bath towels. Wamsutta Hotel Micro-Cotton Bath Towels are available for just $20 and Wamsutta PimaCott Bath Towels are available right now for a mere $10.79. If you really want something nice, Valeron Oversized Luxury Bath Towels provide more coverage than your average towel and start at just $30.

Can luxury bath towels go I the washer?

Luxury bath towels can absolutely be thrown in the washer when it's time for them to be cleaned. In fact, luxury bath towels and hotel-quality bath towels are designed with durability in mind. They can easily withstand multiple machine washings with no problem. You might not see deterioration or fraying after years of washing.

How can I get a feel for softness?

When it comes to buying towels online, it can often be a hit and miss. That's usually why it's a good idea to check out towels in-store. However, online you can usually find more options. The good news is that if you purchase towels from Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's or JCPenney, you can return them to a store near you if you don't quite feel the level of softness works for you. Everyone is different.

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