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Springtime is a great time to change up the look of your home, and there are tons of fun and budget-friendly ways to do this. One quick and relatively inexpensive way to drastically change the look of a room is by simply replacing old lamp shades. Before jumping up to do that, there are some things to know about buying lamp shades. Reaching the store just to find yourself overwhelmed with options is not the way to do it. Lamp shades come in many sizes, shapes, colors, functions, and fittings. Know what type you need and want before shopping is a great way to save time, money, and stress. Let the following questions guide you in your quest for finding the right lamp shades for your budget and needs.

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Are some fabrics for lampshades cheaper than others?

Lamp shades are also made from multiple materials, such as cotton, silk, and linen. Just as clothing prices vary according to the material, so do lampshades. Cotton ones will likely be the cheapest. Additionally, those fabrics may be plain white or off white, patterned, or a completely different color. In general, you will likely find the white and off white cotton lampshades at lower prices.

How do I know which one I should get?

Choosing the right lampshade will depend mostly on the type of lamp you are putting it on. You should consider the shape of your lamp as well as the size, and the type of fitter it needs. You want the shape of the lampshade to match or complement the shape of the lamp. The color is also a factor that will depend largely on the lamps use. Is the lamp intended as a decorative piece or do you actually use it?

Can a lamp shade help me save on my energy bills?

Believe it or not, yes, they can if you use lamps on a regular basis. Using a lampshade with a white liner gives you more light. The whiter your lampshade, the more light that gets through, saving your eyes from strain and the need to use more lights. Keeping the lampshade clean after purchase will also help.

Where are the best places to buy lamp shades?

If you want to look at them in person, your local retailer, such as Target or Walmart, and some home improvement stores like Lowe's carry lamp shades. If you are searching for an online market, there are a few great places to check out. Just Shades has a large selection of lamp shades starting as low as $12 and going over $100. Home Depot has some starting at $19.97 and Pottery Barn has a wide selection of lamp shades and prices.

Where can I find lamp shades for LED lamps at a good price?

LED lamps are well known for saving money on energy bills, but there is no reason you cannot make them look a little more traditional with a lampshade. While most places that carry lamps will also carry LED lamp shades, JustShades.com and Amazon are good places to find them at competitive prices.

How do I save money on lampshade purchases?

In addition to looking for lampshades that are made from white cotton, many online stores offer discounts when you become a member of their site or mailing list. LampShades.com offers a 10% discount when you sign up for their newsletter. Purchasing from places such as JustShades.com or AllModern.com will save you on shipping and around 60% off of retail prices.

Who has the best deals on lamp shades?

LampsPlus.com has a huge assortment of beautiful and unique lamp shades. Though their regular prices might be considered high, they have daily sales and clearance shades as low as $3.98. Wayfair also carries lampshades as much as 70% off. Currently, Pottery Barn is giving up to 50% off on lighting and lighting accessories. AllModern.com also carries lampshades up to 60% off.

What different types of lamp shades are available?

There are many different lamp shades styles including oval, drum, sharp corner, cut corner, bell, empire, tapered, and more. They also have different types of fitters, which are what connects the lampshade to the lamp. Some include spider fitter, clip-on fitter, and threaded.

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