Ask This When Buying Brakes

When it comes to finding full brake components for trucks or other automobiles, there's a few great selections one can keep in mind, three particular products that can offer their own unique blend of terrific value along with solid price, ultimately offering unrivaled peace of mind as the end result. If you are looking to buy a new set of brakes for your vehicle, the top options include BC Rotor Kit, the Hawk Sector 27 Rotors, and the DBA 4000 XS Rotors, respectively. Check out these questions about buying brakes that everyone should know.

How often do these need to be replaced?

For every 10,000 to 20,000 miles of road usage, approximately, one's brake pads ought to be replaced. In addition, rotors ought to be changed out at least once every 50,000 to 70,000 miles. And for these three product selections, it's no different. One should properly replace as needed to increase the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

What's the price or price range on each?

The DBA 4000 XS, most notably, sits within an MSRP price range of $123.77- $394.10, respectively, whereas the Hawk Sector 27 can float from anywhere between $129.00 and $189.00. Last but certainly not least, the SSB Short Stop can range within $146.85 to $1,231.01.

Where can I buy brake compenents?

Countless online retailers tend to sell them in bulk, mostly Amazon, Ebay and even Craigslist or Walmart Online. One may additionally purchase them, when in stock, at major stores like Sam's Club and Costco. If there are none available on-site, one may order online and have a shipment arrive to the nearest store of his or her choosing. 

How do the top three options compare?

Well, first off, the DBA 4000 XS is a group of vehicle brake rotors. The Hawk Sector 27 product is also a group of brake rotors, but offering both drilled and slotted selections to choose from. Additionally, the SSB product is actually a brake rotor kit and includes not only rotors but brake pads and other brake - mounting hardware parts for an easier overall assembly.

Do they all offer a standard warranty, and at no additional cost?

The DBA 4000 XS generally offers a full 1 - year warranty as well as coverage for up to 12,000 miles. A lifetime warranty backs the Hawk product. As for the SSB, it comes with a 1 - year warranty, as well, and also gives the guarantee that it's been proudly made in the USA and not on foreign soil.

Are there any coupons out there for these products?

Couponbirds and Carid currently have coupons for them. Often, Retail Me Not will, too. Coupon availability changes frequently. 

Do places like Groupon offers savings on brake repair or replacement?

You can always find a great deal on Groupon when it comes to repair or replacements. Find Groupons up to 50% off brake services at your local auto shop and you can save huge. There are also vouchers avaialble for around $100.

Where's the best source to get a coupon or deal for these three products?

Auto Anything and Retail Me Not are two of the best places. They continually update their coupons as well. They've offered boatloads of coupons and other types of discounts on various types of auto brake products, which have actually included the SSBC. Check them often as well, and feel free to make site suggestions on product coupons that should be offered in the next batch of giveaway deals. The site always welcomes suggestions.

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