Ask This When Buying a Mattress for a Toddler

The moment when your child moves from the crib to a bed is very important. Your choice of a mattress for your toddler's bed can make the transition much easier for your child. You'll find plenty of options when shopping around for toddler-sized mattresses, just like you'd find if buying a mattress for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions to help you find the best mattress for your toddler's needs. Depending on how many children you're having, you could possibly get many years of use from a high-quality mattress for toddlers.

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Is this mattress made from organic materials?
Buying an organic mattress is a great way to ensure that your toddler's mattress doesn't contain any potential harmful contaminants. Also, organic mattresses are made with a smaller environmental footprint. That said, there are plenty of mattress options that are perfectly fine for your child. The decision of whether to go organic is largely a personal issue, but it's worth asking about, if this is important to you.
What type of firmness should my toddler's mattress be?
Toddlers are too young to benefit from mattresses of different firmness in the same way adults do. However, ,your toddler may find one mattress to be more comfortable than another. If possible, take your toddler shopping with you and have him try out a few different mattresses. This should give you a good idea of whether to seek out a firm or plush mattress.
Is this mattress waterproof?
As everyone knows, toddlers have accidents. Any mattress you buy should be waterproof and, in general, fluid proof as well. This is essential for keeping your mattress clean and odor free.
Should I get a memory foam mattress for my toddler?
Memory foam mattresses are all the rage these days, but most kids don't need the kind of support offered by memory foam. Also, some studies suggest that memory foam isn't the best option for kids, anyway. Your best bet is to talk to your child's doctor about whether memory foam would be at all beneficial for a mattress option.
How long will this mattress last?
You don't need a mattress that will last for 10 years if you're only having the one child. However, if you're planning to have a few kids, then you might need your toddler mattress for quite a long time. Talk to your sales associate about the durability and warranty coverages of the different models of mattresses you're considering.
What is the warranty coverage on this mattress?
Always ask about warranty coverage. You should get information on the manufacturer's warranty, and also get information about any additional in-store warranties. Find out if your warranty coverage extends to any box springs included if you buy the mattress as a set.
Is this the cheapest price for this mattress?
Do a Web search of the model of mattress you're thinking about buying to see if it can be purchased cheaper either online or at a competing store. Many stores will match the lowest prices of competitors, and retailers are also starting to consider prices at sites such as Amazon to be direct competitors.
Is the mattress sold with a bed set?
Many toddler mattresses are sold as sets with bed frames and box springs, allowing you to buy everything you need for your child's bed in one stop. Of course, if you already have the other parts needed to assemble a bed, then all you need is the standalone mattress. Asking about whether the mattress your considering can be sold with a set could save you money if you need an all-new bed.
What size of matterss do I need?
Many parents recommend getting the largest mattress that will fit into your toddler's room, which will let you get more use out of the mattress as your toddler continues to grow. The different sizes of toddler mattresses are twin, extra-long twin, full and queen. Measure your available room before you go shopping, and then ask which mattresses will best fit with those space limitations.

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