Ask This When Buying a Floor Scrubber/Polisher

Floor scrubbers/polishers are vital to the health of your floor. Whether trying to maintain a floor in your home or place of business, scrubbers/polishers will keep your floors as shiny and clean as they were when they were first laid down. More effective than your standard mop, floor scrubbers/polishers are better at removing dirt, dust, debris, oil and grease from any floor. You can find various scrubbers/polishers online and in-store from a variety of places. The top 3 floor scrubbers/polishers are the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe, the Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine and the Kenmore 84973 Professional Floor Cleaner Buffer. Any of these scrubbers/polishers can do an excellent job on your floors, as they have already satisfied numerous consumers. If you are looking to buy a floor scrubber/polisher, here are some questions you should ask.

What is the size of my floor?
Depending on where you will be using it, you'll need to find an appropriate floor scrubber/polisher for your home or place of business. If you have a small floor area in a home or small office, then a small scrubber/polisher will be fine. For larger businesses, you'll need a commercial size scrubber/polisher machine. Since they are high powered, commercial scrubbers make cleaning the floor much easier, while still being easy to maneuver.
Is the floor scrubber/polisher easy to store?
If you don't have anywhere to put it, having a floor scrubber/polisher won't be very convenient. Make sure smaller floor scrubber/polishers can be conveniently stored. Look for scrubbers/polishers with folding handles and other space-saving features.
Where can I find floor scrubbers/polisher?
You can find floor scrubbers/polishers all over the web from places like Overstock or Amazon. You can also find them in stores like Home Depot or Walmart, or anywhere cleaning appliances are sold.
Is the floor scrubber/polisher easy to clean and maintain?
If you already have to worry about cleaning your home and place of business you don't want to have to worry about keeping your cleaning appliances clean and maintained as well. Choose a floor scrubber/polisher that is easy to clean and maintain.
Does the floor scrubber/polisher feature rubber wheels?
When trying to maintain your floor's original luster, the last thing you want to do is scratch up your floor with hard plastic wheels. Make sure the scrubber/polisher you buy features rubber wheels that won't scratch the surface of your floor.
What type of floor do I have?
Depending on the type of floor you have, you'll need to select an appropriate floor scrubber/polisher. Some scrubbers/polishers will be designed for cleaning wood, marble, granite or laminate floors, while others will be designed for cleaning tile or for cleaning carpet. You want to be sure your scrubber/polisher will clean your floor rather than damage it.
How are floor scrubbers/polishers powered?
Usually for home use floor scrubbers/polishers are operated by electric power using a plug inserted into an electrical outlet. Other floor scrubbers/polishers are battery operated allowing for greater mobility while cleaning. Propane powered floor scrubbers/polishers are for much larger machines, and are mostly used for larger floor areas like warehouses.
What's my budget?
Generally the more features a floor scrubber/polisher has the more expensive it may be. You should try to find a floor scrubber that fits well with your budget. If you have multiple types of floors to clean, only buy one that has dual capabilities if it is cost-effective to do so. Otherwise just buy two floor scrubbers/polishers.

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