Ask This When Building a Professional Home Office

Working from home can provide plenty of perks and benefits to workers throughout the world. However, in order to succeed while working from home, we will need to have a reliable, productive, and comfortable home office. As it turns out, all offices are not made equal. A professional home office is made up of several important products and materials that, when put together, help workers to get their job done. Listed below, we have outlined the most important products and materials needed in order to design a professional home office.

What kind of desk should I get?

The ideal desk for a professional home office will blend both comfort and utility with some tangible health benefits. For that reason, people should consider a desk that can be converted into a standing desk. The Fancierstudio Riser Desk offers multiple heights so that it can be used in both a seated and standing position. It can be purchased on Amazon for just $179.99.

Should I get a desktop or a laptop computer?

There are benefits to both desktop and laptop computers. However, for a work-from-home office, a laptop computer makes significantly more sense. A desktop like the 21.5" iMac provides plenty of power and functionality into an easy-to-use machine. This laptop is available on for just $1,120 and is relatively future-proofed.

What kind of monitors should I use?

In order to maximize functionality while reducing potential eye stress, a professional home office should employ at least one large computer monitor and potentially a second. Having two monitors will give plenty of room for multi-tasking while reducing the amount of space that is used on each screen. The Acer S277HK is a gorgeous 27" monitor that is only $311 at Staples.

Is a printer still important for a home office?

No matter what industry someone is working in, there will always be a time when printing and scanning documents is necessary. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, printing and scanning is a breeze. A Bluetooth printer/scanner combo like the Epson Pro WF-5690 is the ideal tool for home office use. This printer/scanner combo retails at just $185 at Amazon.

Should I get a professional office chair?

When setting up a professional home office, it can be easy to try to go cheap on the 'unimportant' products. However, an office chair is a very important addition to a professional office. Most people sit at their desk for six to eight hours per day which means a comfortable and ergonomic chair is vital to their health and productivity. The Mirra 2 Chair from SmartFurniture was designed to provide comfort and proper posture for people sitting at their desk for prolonged periods of time. This chair is available via for $824.

What kind of lighting is best for an office?

While there is nothing wrong with installing energy-efficient LED lighting in an office, it won't be the best kind of lighting available. In most offices, the best source of lighting will come straight from the windows. Natural lighting boosts a person's mood while providing their eyes with the best kind of light in order to reduce strain and tension. If natural lighting is not an option throughout the day, consider using light bulbs that have a warm Kelvin temperature. Right now has the TaoTronics LED Eye-Caring Table Lamp available for just $25.49. This table lamp offers plenty of light that is tuned to reduce eye strain.

What extra items should I have in my office?

Staying prepared is always a good thing. Stocking up on extra ink cartridges is never a bad idea. Due to how hard it can be to find specific ink cartridges, consider ordering a couple of extra ink refills when selecting a printer/scanner. Fortunately, ink cartridges are relatively inexpensive. Shoppers can find affordable ink cartridges like the HP 05A Black Compatible Toner Cartridge from for just $40.99.

Does my office need fast internet?

Depending on the type of work being performed, faster internet can become a basic necessity. Fortunately, internet speeds are higher than they've ever been while still remaining affordable. If possible, don't work off of the wireless internet and instead use a wired connection for faster speeds. Internet speeds will vary based on location, but Blast Internet from Comcast Xfinity is available for just $49.99/month with a one-year contract via Xfinity. If that price is a little high, Spectrum offers a competitive package for just $44/month.

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