Ask This When Buying a Bridge Crane

Industrial bridge cranes are highly useful for lifting and moving heavy objects in warehouses, factories and other such settings. Using heavy-grade steel beams, bridge cranes can be built to fit into any shop, giving the ability to move objects weighing thousands of pounds with ease. With most being operated by a radio control, bridge cranes also provide a safer working environment; but is a bridge crane right for you? Is it necessary to spend that extra money right now? If you're considering buying a bridge crane, be sure to consider the latest deals offered by top-rated manufacturers such as Spanco, CraneWerks and Engineered Material Handling. Before sinking money into it, ask yourself, and the manufacturer, a few questions.

Can the crane be mobile?
Although mobile bridge cranes can't hold as much weight, bridge canes can be equipped with wheels for easier movement around your shop. If your main concern is portability, you can also invest in a free-standing bridge crane that's much easier to dismantle and move than a fixed bridge crane.
Why do I need a bridge crane?
If you shop specializes in automotive work, chances are you won't need this type of lift. Smaller lifts are more suitable for lifting vehicle engines and other heavy auto parts. However, if you are in the business of producing heavy items that need to be easily moved from one work-place to another, than a bridge crane may be your best option.
Do I have the room for a bridge crane?
Fortunately, there are several makes and models of bridge cranes available. Most of the time, they can be built to exact, custom measurements to what will work for you. Even the smallest of shops can be retrofitted with a crane to meet its needs.
When should I get my bridge crane installed?
If you are just building your shop, now's the best time to consult the manufacturer about getting a bridge crane installed. The reason this is best is that this allows the manufacturer to work with your building contractor to ensure the proper structural support is built into you shop.
My shop is already built. Can I still have one installed?
The first thing the manufacturer will do is consult with you about what you will be using it for and which style will work best for you. If need be, during installation, the manufacturer with reinforce your current structure to ensure it can support the weight of the crane.
Why is a bridge crane better than a pulley and chain system?
While a chain and pulley system is convenient for picking something up, you aren't able to move it once it's up. With a bridge crane, once you lift the item up, you can then use the trolley and rail system to move it basically wherever you need to. Also, with a chain and pulley system, the operator has to be next to the item being lifted, causing a safety risk. With a bridge crane, the operator has the ability to stand back and use a control system.
What is the lift rating on this bridge crane?
Each crane is manufactured to exact specifications as outlined by theCMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America.) The CMAA requires manufactures to build safety mechanisms into their cranes that will prohibit them from working outside of the set perimeters. When evaluating bridge cranes, you must make sure that whichever crane you get has the correct specifications for your industrial needs.
How much usage can this bridge crane take?
Cranes are classified by how much they will be used; the higher the class, the higher the cost. In fact, usage is one of the main factors in the cost of a bridge crane. Conduct a realistic assessment of your shop's crane needs before making this kind of investment.

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