Ask This When Booking Hotels in Iceland

Booking hotels in Iceland, although intimidating, is easier than you think. Iceland is a country of extremes, from beautiful, wild natural wonders to the cultural sophistication of Reykjavik, the capital city. There is a wide range of accommodations available for travelers of all ages, whether they are looking for rustic adventures or the most luxurious hotels in Iceland. Booking companies are available online to help travelers navigate how to secure the right hotel accommodations for them, as well as rental cars, airfare, and activities once travelers arrive. The top three hotels in Iceland include the Grand Hotel Reykjavik, the Central Hotel Skjaldbreid, and the Hotel Borg. Ask these questions before booking one of these excellent hotels in Iceland.

Can I stay in hotels in Iceland on a budget?
There are dozens of hotels in Iceland to fit budgets of all kinds, from an economical bed at a hostel to the most luxurious apartment in the center of the city. Because there are hotels in Iceland for every budget, travelers can definitely find decent accommodations without breaking the bank.
Is there an available shuttle to and from the airport?
Ground transportation can be a concern for travelers who are far from home. Many hotels in Iceland offer shuttle service to and from the airport in Reykjavik, along with tours to some of the more popular sites that are harder to reach. Travelers can also easily rent automobiles while they are visiting hotels in Iceland.
What amenities are offered in hotels in Iceland?
Hotels in Iceland offer a wide variety of amenities regardless of budget. Some of the more common hotel amenities include free wifi, flat-screen televisions with satellite access, on-site restaurants, free parking, pools and spas, spectacular views, and staff that can help travelers organize day trips to popular sites around Iceland.
What are the general cancellation policies for hotels in Iceland?
Cancelling a visit to hotels in Iceland should be done in writing, and can usually be done over email. Cancellation fees may apply depending on when the cancellation is made. For example, there is a 20 percent charge if the cancellation is made more than two weeks prior to arrival. However, if the cancellation is made 72 hours or less prior to arrival, no money will be refunded.
How can I pay for my stay at an Iceland hotel?
Hotels in Iceland accept major credit cards, and full payments are usually required to hold the desired accommodations. Keep in mind that credit card companies often charge handling fees for foreign transactions, and may not process the payment unless travelers call in to let them know that the card will be used in a foreign country.
Do hotels in Iceland offer car rentals or activities?
Hotels in Iceland provide staff on-site who specialize in treating travelers to tours of the natural and cultural wonders of this country. Travelers should not be shy about asking for what they need, from transportation to restaurant recommendations.
How will I receive confirmation of my lodging and travel arrangements?
Confirmation of travel arrangements are usually done electronically. It is important for travelers to save this correspondence and print it out so that it is accessible during the trip. Hotels in Iceland will usually send files in PDF that confirm the reserved accommodations.
Which hotels in Iceland are family friendly?
There are certain hotels in Iceland that cater more to families than to single travelers. The Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the Hotel Holt, and the Grand Hotel Reykjavik are all popular, kid-friendly hotels. There are also apartments and homes that can be booked to ensure maximum comfort for families of all sizes.

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