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    Ask This When Booking Cabin Rentals

    Want to rent a cabin for your next vacation? Cabin rentals have always been popular choices for lodging, especially when planning a getaway for the woods or the mountains. Finding affordable cabin rentals now is easier than ever with the advent of companies such as Airbnb. A quick Internet search is all you need to find listings of cabins for rent wherever you plan on vacationing. That said, it's important to book a cabin with the accommodations you need. For example, does this cabin allow pets, and does it have enough rooms? Do the rooms have normal beds or bunk beds? What's the story with restrooms, and how about heating or kitchen appliances? Asking the right questions when booking vacation cabins can help people watch their travel budgets while also getting the lodging they want.

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    How many vehicles can park on the cabin's property?
    The last thing you want is to roll up with your friends and realize there isn't enough parking for everyone's vehicles. Ask about parking capacity when rounding up your initial information. At the very least, this may inspire people to carpool later on.
    Where are the nearest stores?
    Most vacation cabins are somewhat secluded, or they're in small, spread-out towns that may not have nearby accommodations. If you'd prefer to buy food once you arrive at your cabin, then you should ask for the whereabouts of the nearest grocery stores. You should also try to find information about those stores to make sure you'll have access to whatever supplies you need.
    Does this cabin have TV, Internet and phone service?
    Although cable, satellite, Internet and phone services tend to be everywhere, there are many vacation cabins that don't have these amenities. In many cases, people prefer cabin rentals that don't have these services. However, if you can't afford to unplug during your vacation -- or if you'd rather enjoy your favorite shows and post on Facebook during your trip -- then ask about available services.
    What's the deposit on this vacation rental cabin?
    The deposits on rental cabins vary from place to place. Some cabin rentals simply require security deposits, while others may require deposits for pets, too. Ask about deposit amounts, and also ask about how you get your deposits back afterward. Consider this when comparing the costs of different rentals.
    Are there any rules for this cabin?
    Renters may have various rules for their guests to follow. These may include no loud music after a certain time (especially for vacation cabins in small towns) or not having campfires on the premises. Always ask about rules before agreeing to an offer.
    What are the perks to this cabin's location?
    Most vacation cabins are in beautiful locations, but some locations are better than others. For example, is this cabin near a general store or the entrance to a ski resort? Or is it a more remote location with some kind of breathtaking viewpoint? Ask careful questions about why you should favor each cabin's location.
    How many rooms does this cabin have?
    Most cabins advertise how many people can sleep in them, but that's different than how many rooms there are. If you're traveling with other adult couples, then chances are people are going to value having their own rooms and privacy. If you're just with friends and privacy doesn't matter, then this question becomes less important.
    What's the daily or weekly rate for this cabin?
    Collect rate information from various cabin options before making a final choice on where to stay. Ask for more information about cabins that seem unusually expensive or cheap, and don't be afraid to ask renters to lower their rates to match competing offers.