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    Ask This When Booking an Ultimate Honeymoon Vacation Package

    The ultimate honeymoon vacation can launch your new marriage to a romantic and loving start. A honeymoon is the chance the spend quality time with your new partner, affirming your dreams and wishes for the marriage you hope will last the rest of your lives. What better place to do that than a tropical island? Going to a luxurious resort on a tropical island is the perfect way to set the stage for what could be the most romantic week of your life. There, you and your partner will be treated like royalty while you indulge your senses and relax in a worry-free environment. The top 3 locations for honeymoon vacation package are Fiji, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica. Ask these questions when planning your ultimate honeymoon.

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    Does this resort have a private pool?
    While most resorts have pools, some of them have multiple pools. The resorts that allow children might have an adults-only pool to guarantee you the seclusion and ambiance suitable for a honeymoon. Even better, the most resplendent suites at some resorts might have private pools accessible only from your particular unit.
    Is dining at the resort restaurants included in the price?
    In many instances, dinner is covered for every night of your stay with a vacation package. Some resorts also have complimentary breakfasts. There may be extra charges and fees if you choose to have your meal in your unit as opposed to at the resort restaurant.
    Are there upgrades available?
    In many situations, you can upgrade to a luxury suite or service at any time, even right at check in. You also might be able to extend your stay, assuming the resort isn't booked. The best resorts want to impress you, and will always welcome a chance to improve your experience. At the very least, they will be hesitant to refuse your money that you're willing to pay for an upgrade.
    Do I have to be a member of the resort club to stay here?
    Many resorts do have a club program that offers incentives to members to encourage them to stay with them more often. If you are interested in the program, or are a first-time guest, you might be able to get incredible deals to entice premium customer service to get you to sign up.
    What's the minimum amount of time I need to stay to get this price?
    Most vacation packages require you pay for and stay for a minimum of 5 nights. More inclusive packages can be had for a minimum of 8-12 nights. Check your budget and expectations for this trip. You will be able to find the perfect package for you.
    Is the package cost per person or per couple?
    In most cases, travel packages are calculated on a per person basis. In some rare occasions through agencies that specialize in honeymoons and couples' retreats, the cost may be based on a per couple basis. Inquire with the agency you are booking with so that you can get an accurate cost to plan for.
    How far away from the beach will my unit be?
    In places such as Fiji and the Caribbean, you will probably be very close to the beach, if not on the beach. In Costa Rica, some of the most elegant hotels are actually on the jungle-covered slopes of the mountains, and as such you might have a walk or short drive to get to their sandy beaches.
    What on-site amenities are available?
    Many of the luxury resorts in the hottest locations have amenities such as private Jacuzzis, swim-up bars in the pools, and private beaches. On-site spas and boutiques also add a touch of class to these locations.