Ask This When Booking a Party Bus

Booking a party bus is a sure-fire way to make any night memorable. Whether you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, a wedding anniversary, a birthday or just a crazy night out with friends, a party bus has everything you need for a wild time. Cruise through your hometown listening to music and drinking from an open bar, and even book your own DJ who can play your favorite tunes while you drive. There's room for everyone when you rent a party bus, and you can also book these buses at popular tourist destinations such as Hollywood and Las Vegas. Not all party buses are alike, and before booking a date you should make sure you get the right bus for your party. Asking the following questions is a great way to get basic information about party bus deals.

Does this bus supply a DJ?
You'll want music for your party, and many party bus companies handle music differently. Some simply provide playlists to choose from, while others may even provide DJs. With some party buses, you can even bring your own DJ with you, or you can provide your own playlist for your voyage.
What food and drinks are included in this party bus?
Part of the fun of renting a party bus is starting the party before you arrive at your special event. Some companies allow you to bring your own drinks and food, while others provide it as an option or part of a package. Check with the rental company about its policies and offerings for food and beverages.
What are the different routes offered?
Have it all planned out before you make a reservation. Are you going straight from "Point A" to "Point B"? Or do you plan to make several stops along the way? You'll want to inform the rental company and driver of your expected itinerary.
What is the pricing structure?
Each company establishes its own rental structure, whether hourly or flat rate. Make sure you understand any surcharges, such as fuel charges and any other associated costs. Make sure they don't have any hidden fees that you will be hit with after the rental. Ask about the tipping policy and how much they charge if you go over your agreed time.
What is the cancellation policy on my party bus?
Though you will only have to if absolutely necessary, make sure you won't have a problem cancelling the reservation. Most companies will work with you if you need to reschedule but be prepared to pay a small cancellation fee.
What amenities are offered?
A company will most likely have several buses to choose from, each having a different set of amenities, such as flat screen TVs, lighting, dancing poles, etc. when picking out a bus, test out these options to ensure they are what you want and if they work.
What details will the company need?
Some companies want to know about your special event so they can arrange for decorations (if any). Make sure you have a good idea of how many people are riding, the number of hours you expect to need service, and the distance you expect to ride. To be on the safe side, just add a little extra in terms of time and number of people.
Can we drink in this party bus?
Your local laws may dictate whether you're allowed to drink alcohol while the party bus is moving. In some places, passengers in party buses are allowed to drink as long as the company holds certain permits. Clarify this ahead of time if you want your group to be able to drink on the bus.

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