Ask This When Buying Big and Tall Clothing

For those men out there sporting a little more belly fat than the average male, or just plain tall and stocky, big and tall clothing is something of a necessity. With big and tall shirts, pants and undergarments running in a variety of sizes, there are clothes for every size and shape of man. Whether online or in-store, you can find big and tall clothing at most clothing retail stores. The top big and tall stores sell a variety of styles and quality outfits for the men out there that usually have a little more trouble picking out clothes. The top 3 stores for big and tall clothing are Casual Male XL, Destination XL and KING SIZE. If you think you’re in need of big and tall clothing, ask yourself these questions.

Can I get name brands?
Just because you’re big, tall or both doesn’t mean you can’t get quality clothing. Most companies including Levi’s, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vans, Dockers and Calvin Klein offer big and tall clothing. After all they’d be missing out on a lot of money if they didn’t.
Where can I find big and tall stores?
Big and tall stores can be found in shopping centers and malls all over the country. Casual Male XL has locations all over the country, offering more affordable brand options and top brand options . There are also online stores like Destination XL, an online store that combines the selection of Casual Male XL and it’s other sister stores. Another store online, King Size, also offers plenty of top brand choices along with their plentiful selection of store brand clothing.
If I get the wrong size can I return it?
In the store you’ll usually have the chance to try on clothes you pick out in the dressing room, but if you buy online it’s another story. Usually online store should have a pretty decent return policy, requiring you to ship back your merchandise. If you buy from Casual Male XL’s online store or Destination XL you can return clothing to their retail stores. This is also usually the policy for stores like Macy’s. But be sure to read the online return policy to be sure.
What styles of clothing are available?
Big and tall clothing stores have tons of casual shirts to choose from, including: polo shirts, t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, Henley shirts and thermals. Casual pants like jeans and shorts are also available. When you need to be a little dressier, most big and tall stores or sections have plenty of dress shirts and slacks to choose from.
Do big and tall clothes cost more money?
Prices are usually the same no matter what size you are. Just because big and tall clothes use a little more fabric doesn’t mean you have to pay more. It will depend on your choices though. You may not be able to find the same exact shirt as one in the regular size section of a store, but generally similar clothes will be around the same price.
Is it better to buy online or in store?
Sometimes you can get a better deal online, but you won’t exactly know how a piece of clothing looks until you try it on. Ideally you can try an article of clothing in the store, and try to find it online for a better price. You’ll usually have a greater selection online, but you may not be able to find everything from in-store. Should you be unsatisfied with any online purchase, you can usually return it to a store location if there is one, or else you'll have to ship it back.
What big and tall sizes can I get?
Generally, you can find both shirts and pants from size XL to size 10XL. Tall sizes usually run from LT to 8LT. If you need any larger than those sizes, you’ll have a lot more trouble finding clothing. You should be able to figure out your size using a size chart online, or trying an article of clothing in-store.
What other clothes can I find?
Big and tall stores offer all kinds of clothes for every type of man including: underwear, socks, shoes and hats. You can also find extra-long ties and belts at these stores. For colder seasons, big and tall stores have a number of jackets, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts to choose from. If you need swimwear for the warmer seasons, big and tall stores have you covered there too.
Can I find big and tall clothing at any retail or department store?
Most places like Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney and Sears will have a big and tall section in their store though the selection will be rather limited. But at stores like Nordstrom it may be the only place you’ll be able to find that Armani suit you’ve been looking for. For a greater selection, the specialized big and tall stores will be your best bet.

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