Ask This When Choosing a Bible College

Bible colleges offer great opportunities to get in touch with your spiritual side. For many Christians, the opportunity to dive headfirst into biblical studies offers an incredible journey into the philosophical questions that have driven mankind for thousands of years. For those interested in Bible college, choosing the right location can be pivotal. Many people don't want to be surrounded by thousands of people as it could take away some of the sanctity of the scripture study. Others will want to know how Bible college will help them reconcile their faith with their other belief systems, such as science and social issues. The top Bible colleges in America are Biola University in Los Angeles, Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Ask these questions when deciding which Bible college is right for you.

Is this school accredited?
Most Bible colleges are accredited, but you should always ensure that you've chosen one that is well accredited to ensure a quality, verifiable education. Moody Bible Institute, for example, is a well-accredited school that uses a very focused approach to education. Entering students must declare an intent to enter the ministry upon graduation in order to attend.
How much is tuition?
While many universities boast extremely high tuition rates, Bible colleges are private universities so they have even higher tuition. Biola University had a 2014-2015 school year tuition rate of over $33,000. It's important to keep tuition rates in mind when determining which school is right for you.
Do they offer non-ecclesiastical degrees?
Many Bible colleges offer degrees for potential and future ministry workers, but many of them, including the famous Liberty University, offer degrees in more marketable fields such as computer science and nursing.
Where is this school located?
For many people who are seeking the quiet study of Bible college, location can be a big deal. Biola University is located in Los Angeles and the bustle of the city as well as the inevitable traffic snarls, can be intimidating for those who simply want to study scripture.
Will I learn about other facets of philosophy?
Most Bible colleges offer courses in Christian worldview as it pertains to even non-Biblical literature. Art and film students will learn how Biblical and Christian philosophy infiltrates modern literature and culture even when it isn't immediately obvious.
If I attend this college, do I have to join a particular political party?
There is no reason why your education at Bible college should obligate you to any political affiliation. Liberty University, founded by the famous Jerry Falwell, is however notorious for being partisan and controversial. You should investigate as to which Bible college offers the kind of culture you'd like to involve yourself in.
Can I pursue a post-graduate education here?
Many Bible colleges offer not only Bachelor degrees but also Master and Doctorate degrees as well. In most cases, you can have received your undergraduate degree elsewhere and still continue your education within the Bible college of your choice.
Does this Bible college offer science classes?
Most Bible colleges offer a Bible-centric approach to science, and as such offer courses in Intelligent Design and other Christian philosophies of science.

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