Best Smart Watches to Buy Right Now

There was a time when a watch was considered smart if it knew the time in more than one timezone. Now there are watches that can be used as fitness trackers, GPS, music players and even make phone calls. They can do most of what the smartphone does, like keeping track of important times on the upcoming calendar, popping up reminders and so much more. Smart watches have the advantage of being much smaller and more convenient than your phone, since they can be worn on the wrist instead of carried around. There several smart watches to choose from, but the top three to consider are Apple Watch 3, Ticwatch E and LG Watch Style. Check out the following questions and answers to learn more.

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What are the best prices on these watches right now?

The Apple Watch 3 prices for as low as $329 at Walmart or Apple, while the Ticwatch E is available on the Amazon Marketplace for as little as $159.44. The LG Watch Style was recently on Ebay for only $218.74, although that price is more subject to fluctuation.

How is the wireless connectivity on the watches?

All three of these watches have excellent wireless capabilities, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Apple Watch 3 offers an additional option of NFC and its own 4G connectivity. Excellent connectivity is crucial for these watches to perform many of their functions.

Is it better to get the Apple Watch 3 with or without LTE?

If people just need speed, they might choose the LTE option of the Apple Watch 3. However, the use of LTE is responsible for the short battery life, and for most people LTE is simply an unnecessary expense.

Which watch has the best look?

Some would argue that the LG Watch Style is the best looking of the watches. With a more traditional but stylish look, the LG Watch Style reminds one of a traditional sophisticated watch. The Apple Watch 3 has its traditional Apple style, with its clean look. It could be argued that the Ticwatch E looks more practical.

Why does the Ticwatch E seem completely unfamiliar?

The Ticwatch E is new to the smartwatch scene, and is still small. While many people have never heard of it, the Ticwatch E may currently be the best Android Wear watch on the market. The price is low enough that almost anyone can afford one, but the Ticwatch E offers all the best options and they work really well.

How much storage do the watches have?

This varies greatly among these particular watches. The Apple Watch 3 has onboard storage of 8 GB for non-LTE and 16 GB for LTE. The Ticwatch E and the LG Watch Style only carry up to 4 GB of storage.

Which of these watches has the best battery?

The Apple Watch 3 has up to 18 hours of life, depending features used. Both the Ticwatch E and the LG Watch Style have a battery that can last up to 24 hours.

How do the batteries charge?

The LG Watch Style has the most common method, which is by using a conductive USB charger. The Apple Watch 3 uses wireless charging. The Ticwatch E uses a completely unusual method, namely by using a magnetic connecting pin.

Which of these watches is best for fitness tracking?

The Apple Watch 3 has overall brilliant fitness tracking that seamlessly integrates with the Apple Health app, which is part of why it is the number one smartwatch. The Ticwatch E is half the price and has an accurate heart rate sensor.

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