Best Power Cars for Kids

Want to buy your kid a power car? These ridable, battery-powered cars -- which have been popular for decades -- offer thrilling fun for children and toddlers. Some power cars feature big, rugged wheels that are great for the backyard, while other power cars are better for zipping along driveways and sidewalks. But which is best for your child? The top producers of power cars and trucks include Razor, Fisher-Price, and Moderno Kids. You'll find a wide range of options among these brands -- monster trucks, sports cars, semi trucks and more -- all available for different prices. Read on to learn about the top three power cars for kids available now.

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What are the top three power cars for kids?

The best electric car for children should give your child the best time of their life, and they should be able to drive it as they please. The top power cars that you can get include the W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer, Black Mercedes Benz SLS Kids Ride, and Razor Electric Dune Buggy.

What are the best features of W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer?

This Fisher-Price power car is designed to cope with rough terrains, meaning that it won’t get stuck in mud or grass. The car has enough room for two and can support a weight of up to 130 pounds. Other features that you will like include a steel frame, dual speed with speed lock, an electronic power-lock braking system, and reverse gear.

What are the best features of Black Mercedes Benz SLS Kids Ride?

The Moderno Kids black Mercedes Benz SLS is in a class of its own and will help your child have an amazing fun filled family time. This beauty sports car comes with outstanding features like MP3 player, color LCD screen, MP4 player, and a matching spray painted body. Its entertainment system is comprehensive and will keep the kid entertained.

What are the best features of Razor Dune Buggy?

The Razor Dune Buggy is fast, fun and a suitable way to instill independence and confidence in your kid. It’s lightweight, safe and comfortable to operate with a hand-controlled accelerator, variable thumb trigger throttle, including handbrake. Features include a 350-watt electric motor, bucket seats, diamond plate floorboard, and 8-inch knobbly pneumatic wheels.

Where to can you find the best Power Wheels Dune Racer deals?

You can find this powered Green Dune Racer on Amazon at a cost of $387.80. You can also get the car on other platforms like Walmart, although the cost will be a bit higher at $398. Be sure to compare several retailers before buying.

Where can you find the best Black Mercedes Benz SLS Kids Ride deals?

Amazon is one of the online retailers offering the best deals for this Kids ride at a cost of $474.99. Note that there are other brands that offer similar toy cars at a reduced cost but the car features may vary.

Where can you find the best deals for Razor Electric Dune Buggy?

The cost of getting this toy on Amazon is $419.59 and the shipping is free. You can still get it on Walmart and eBay at a flat cost of $348. Ensure you confirm the deal with your preferred retailer before purchasing.

Which factors should you consider when choosing a power car?

First, start by looking at the design of the miniature vehicles. Most electric toy cars have replicated the popular designs of real autos. Check if it’s excellently crafted and consider how the cars are run. Most of them are generally powered by batteries. The size and strength of the motor are also important – they have an impact on the car’s speed.

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