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The field of physical therapy has become one of the most rapidly growing professional fields in the country. Over the last several decades, knowledge of the benefits of physical therapy has come to light and show the need for more people working in this field. There are three top schools in the country that specialize in physical therapy degrees. The University of California, University of Delaware, and the University of Pittsburgh all have the most respected and sought-after programs for students who wish to attend a program that will land them a job with a desirable employer. Each of these schools offers their own tailored program that teaches students important concepts such as exercise physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics. All of these programs teach the latest technics and applications to help students excel.

Which school has the highest NPTE pass rate?

The University of California, located in San Francisco currently has the highest pass rate of any other location in the country. Students are thoroughly prepared for not only the exam, but for a professional career after the exam. That is what makes the University of California one of the top three schools in the field.

Which school offers residencies in applied fields?

The University of Delaware offers residencies in geriatrics, neurology, applied care, and orthopedics. This perk of attending the University of Delaware is what attracts many students who are ready to begin their professional journey immediately.

Which programs offer distance learning?

All three universities offer some of their curricula online. Inquire about the specifics with an enrollment counselor to determine if their program fits your needs and is offered in your area.

Which university offers the best entry level program?

The most accessible program for entry-level students is the University of Pittsburgh. They offer a program that covers a students education experience from the beginning until graduation. Students who enroll in the University of Pittsburgh can receive a top-notch education throughout their time there and can take advantage of their high after graduation employment rate.

Which university has the most highly regarded staff?

This honor belongs to the University of Pittsburgh. They have professionals on staff that have won numerous awards and who are Catherine Worthington fellows. Thier combined knowledge and experience provide the perfect learning climate for both new and seasoned students wishing to enter the field.

Which university offers a doctoral degree in physical therapy?

All three of our top physical therapy schools offer doctoral programs in physical therapy. In order to understand which school will best fulfill your academic needs and location requirements, inquire about the program with the school's enrollment counselor.

Which university has the highest hire rate after its graduate program?

This distinction also belongs to the University of California. which has a 100-percent hiring rate for students who graduate with the three-year Doctor of Physical Therapy or DHT degree. Students can be assured of a desirable position after attending this prestigious school.

Which university offers degrees in other related fields?

The University of Delaware also offers a Masters of Science in the fields of Clinical Health Science and Anatomy. This is perfect for the student who wishes to tailor their learning experience to a specific field of expertise. Thier programs are a one school solution to a specialized education.

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