Best Fishing Boats

Take fishing to a new level by taking advantage of the latest features and technology available on fishing boats that are being put on the market. Whether you fish offshore or inshore, in salt or fresh water, many of the best boats can be used with great success. You may need a different kind of boat for different situations, but regardless of your situation, there is a boat that will fit your fishing preferences and needs. Most of today's fishing boats are versatile enough to handle different situations and can be used as pleasure boats as well for the entire family. The best boats are the new Cobia 301CC, the Boston Whaler 350, and the Everglades 253cc. All three of these boats are made by companies with outstanding reputations, and you won't go wrong with any of them.

What makes the Boston Whaler a good deal?

It combines luxury and performance in a unique way, making owners not balk at the price. The Realm seeks to redefine fishing boats, by starting with luxury and making that into the best fishing boat possible. It offers a lot of variations for seating, different sizes of consoles, as well as in-floor fish boxes and rod holders. It also has room to sleep overnight below, for those long fishing trips.

What are the best deals on these boats?

The Boston Whaler lists at $370,000 on the boat guide website. The Cobia 301CC lists at $168,000 at Marine Connection. The Everglades 253cc lists at $148,000 at the Boat Trader.

What are some interesting specs on the Cobia?

The Cobia 301CC uses two engines and can deliver 600 horsepower. It has a 230-gallon gas tank, so you can stay on the water a very long time. It has a standard fish box, with pump-out capability.

What are some key stats for the Realm 350?

It starts with three outboard motors attached, that can get up to 50 miles per hour. You can go 35 miles per hour in comfort. That will get you up to 350 horsepower. It also handles well at slow speeds and is agile.

What are some specifications for the Everglades 253cc?

The Everglades 253cc is powered with a Yamaha F300 four-stroke engine that can reach 45 miles per hour. It can go 25 miles per hour comfortably, and you will get about three miles to the gallon. It has a 100-gallon tank to keep you on the water all day. It has a 300 horsepower rating.

What are things you should do when considering a boat?

Get to know the specifications, and compare that to your needs. There are lots of options out there, so you can find one that will fit your needs almost exactly. It is also good to get a live trial run on the water. You need to see how the boat handles and feels on the water. In addition to all the features you need, you also need a boat that feels good to you and fits you.

What makes The Cobia 301CC a great buy?

The Cobia 301CC is redesigned and ready to take up where the 296 CC, a best seller, left off. It has an inward opening side door, so you can easily get passengers in and out, or load and unload a large catch of fish. There is more space in the cockpit, and there is a freshwater sink and a cleaning station. It can easily be made into a bay boat or a family friendly pleasure boat, but it is designed with the serious fisherman in mind.

What makes The Everglades 253cc a good boat to consider?

Everglades boats also have a great reputation with 17 models to choose from. The 253cc is redesigned and is created with the serious fisherman in mind. It has easy to load and unload coolers, including an 87-quarter cooler beneath the front console. It has a 91-foot square cockpit and a 26 gallon live well.

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