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Looking for a webhosting solution for your business? The best web hosting companies can provide you with cloud hosting services that will improve your website and your business. Increase traffic to your website and rarely experience downtime with the top web hosting solutions. Over the internet, you’ll find a variety of companies offering dedicated hosting over multiple servers rather than just one. Your website will be more secure and well equipped to handle larger volumes of customers or potential customers. The best business web hosting solutions include IBM cloud services, SAP cloud-based services, and Cloudways. If you are looking for web hosting for your company’s website, ask these questions to learn more. Put your website in the cloud!

What private cloud services are offered?

IBM’s private cloud solutions are great for small businesses. The IBM private cloud will help you modernize and automate workloads, as well as build applications right in the cloud. Solve issues easily without the need for taking down your website. Transformation advisor services will help you decide what workloads to place in the cloud while vulnerability advisors tools can help your applications stay secure. IBM cloud dedicated services are also highly scustomizable and secure. They offer 64GB of application memory to start with but you can purchase increments of 16GB if you need more.

What services do all web hosting solutions provide?

When purchasing a cloud web hosting solution, the industry standard is that you’ll get free SSL certificates, free migration and free app installation. On top of this, you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support with certified experts that can help you get your business’s website up and running, and keep it running too. When choosing a web hosting solution, make sure the company offers these services.

Can I try cloud services before buying?

The best cloud web hosting services allow clients to test their services before committing. IBM, SAP and Cloudways all provide customers to try out their services free of charge before they opt in for a monthly or annual plan. Just visit the company’s website you are interested in and click the free trial button to learn more.

What can you tell me about IBM?

As one of the top technology companies in the world, it’s no surprise that IBM offers the best cloud servers. IBM’s cloud servers can help you maximize profits, streamline workloads, and grow your business exponentially. With a combination of on-demand provision servers, on-premises data centers, and integration with virtual servers, you’ll have more secure and reliable servers to work with. Handle higher volumes of data and more customers.

What can you tell me about SAP?

SAP offers cloud-based services that put your business in the modern age. Intelligent cloud ERP software will help you make more informed decisions so you can make better choices. ERP Software also helps your business run more efficiently thanks to improved automation. On top of this, cloud ERP solutions from SAP are affordable, secure, faster and more reliable than most. SAP analytics cloud services give you endless data and analysis to give you greater insight into your company and helps you plan for its future. Plans start at just $23 per month. Suitable for small businesses, mid-size companies, and larger enterprises, SAP offers a solution that can help you.

What can you tell me about Cloudways?

Cloudways offers some of the best webhosting services available. Cloudways hosting provides servers with dedicated IP addresses and other resources, while giving you full control over your own server, allowing you to create your very own apps. The SSD based hosting services, Cloudways CDN, and PHP 7 ready servers will give you superior performance and faster response times. With HTTP/2 Supported Servers communication is improved between the servers and the client.

What plans does Cloudways offer?

Cloudways offers pay as you go web hosting plans where you’ll only need to pay for hosting on a monthly basis starting at just $10 per month. Most other companies will try to charge you for an annual plan, making you commit for an entire year. You’ll also have plenty of options in terms of RAM, processors, storage and bandwidth. At $80 per month, you’ll get 8GB of RAM, a four-core processor, 160 GB of storage and 5TB of bandwidth. The lowest-level plan gives you 1GB of RAM, a one-core processor, 25GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth.

Should I consider managed hosting?

Managed hosting will provide your website with great security and reliability. Managed hosting will give you resources like a dedicated firewall, 1-click SSL installation, automated back-ups and regular security patches. You’ll also get services like auto-healing servers that prevent website crashing and two-factor authentication to keep out hackers.

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