Best Air Fresheners and Refills for Home or Office

The home or office can harbor unpleasant odors that could make it unbearable to stay. The odor could be from the cooking in the evening or from the pets after being soaked in the rain. There are tons of ways of covering up the smell and one of them is through the use of air fresheners. Air fresheners have been around for ages and offer instant relief from stubborn odors in the home or the office, but they've come a long way since. There are plenty of options in the market when it comes to air fresheners and refills. There are brands that are known for quality and consistency and one can always rely on them to deliver. Ask these questions to find out more about the top brands and products.

Which one is the best home fragrance?

For the best lavish scent in the home, the L'occitane welcome home fragrance should be on top of the list. It is only used when needed and can function as a perfume for the home. It should be noted that sometimes the lemon scent could overpower the Mandarin. The L'occitane welcome home fragrance retails at $36 on Amazon and in most of the stores.

Which air freshener is the best?

Some air fresheners just do the work of getting rid of the odor and nothing else. The Ozmo Ant-bacterial air freshener comes highly recommended because of its versatility. It kills germs and freshens the air. It goes for around $9 on Amazon and most retail stores.

Which one offers an all-natural solution?

The Puressentiel purifying air spray comes is ideal when looking for an all-natural solution. There are no synthetic chemicals involved in the production of this air freshener. Just a single spray and there is a much clearer and cleaner air. The scent is subtle and fresh and one doesn't have to run away once it has been sprayed. The Puressentiel purifying air spray currently retails at $38 on Amazon

Which one lasts longer?

The Diptyque baies scented oval is ideal to be used in smaller rooms. It is encased in ceramic and the scent is slowly emitted over time. It might be a little pricey compared to other fresheners but is totally worth it especially for someone that likes Diptyque scents. There are some people who would suggest hanging Diptyque baies scented oval in the bathroom but it can just be effective in any other room.

Which one is best for the bathroom?

The Poo Pourri original toilet spray is recommended for the bathroom. It has several scents to choose from and eliminates even stubborn odors. The range of scents include spearmint, strawberry, white flower, and lemon citrus. The smell goes a long way in always keeping the bathroom fresh. One can get the Poo Pourri starting from $9 on Amazon.

Which one is the best automatic solution?

At just $12 on Amazon, the Airwick automatic starter kit spring delight is one of the best automatic air freshener solution. The scent can last up to 60 days. It is simple as plugin in and the fragrance will be released in bursts. It is easy to use and the scents are not overpowering.

Which one has a warming scent?

The Febreze small spaces air freshener creates a warming and welcoming atmosphere in the home or office. It is costs around $11 on Amazon and most retail stores. It is both small and discreet which makes it the ideal air freshener for houses will big hallways. Smokers can also find it handy in the home.

Which is the best for eliminating stubborn odors?

The Standard Moso air purifying bag works by collecting strong odors in the home or living room. It is a purifying bag that works by collecting bad odors. Some people don't like because of the lack of scent. Since it is doesn't have a scent, it is easy to get it for under $10 on Amazon.

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