Ask This to Shave $100s Off Your Cable Bill Annually

While signing up for that great cable television offer may seem like a great idea at the time, once the offer expires many cable customers are left with a shockingly high bill and scrambling for ways to lower their cable bill to a more manageable amount. In addition, regular price increases, add-ons, taxes and fees can cause once-manageable cable bills to skyrocket. The good news is, however, is there are ways to lower your cable bill each year that are easier than you might think, as long as you're willing to do a little work on your end. If you're hoping to decrease the cost of your monthly cable bill, be sure to ask the following questions, so you can get the savings you deserve and shave hundreds off your bill annually. 

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What if I watch shows on premium channels but want to save money?

If you can't imagine not staying caught up on Game of Thrones but still want to save money, consider subscribing to HBO and other premium channels only during the show's season and then canceling once the season ends. There's no reason to continue paying for a premium channel when you aren't using it!

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel my cable service?

Some cable companies require you to sign a contract when you start your service and you may be charged a fee if you cancel or change your package before the contract ends. Ask your cable representative whether a fee will apply for canceling or changing service, and if so, how much the fee is. In many cases, paying the fee will actually save you money over continuing to pay for expensive services you don't want or use.

Will I be eligible for new-customer pricing if I cancel my cable subscription and re-subscribe?

In some cases, yes. If you cancel your subscription you may be able to sign up again and take advantage of new-customer pricing. However, some companies require a waiting period before you can re-subscribe, so make sure to check with your cable company first.

Can I save money by bundling services, or will I end up paying more?

In most cases, bundling services can actually save you money over just paying for a single service like cable television, since most cable companies offer big discounts for bundle packages like internet, cable and phone. However, avoid get looped into signing up for a service you'll never use, such as phone service, if possible.

What can I do once my intro deal ends to lower my bill?

Cable companies are notorious for luring in customers with top-tier packages at low prices for a year or two, but once that period ends, you'll end up with a much higher bill. When this happens, call your cable company and ask to downgrade your services to a more manageable rate.

I subscribed to a package deal that included premium channels. Can I cancel those channels once the deal expires?

Yes, in most cases you can get rid of premium channels that were included in an introductory offer without penalty. Contact your cable company to find out whether penalties will apply.

What are some alternatives to cable that can help save me money?

With so many streaming services available, many people are choosing to cancel their cable subscriptions altogether. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu allow you to watch many of your favorite shows for a much lower price, as long as you're willing to wait a day or two after the show airs. If you want to watch your shows when they air, consider a service like SlingTV, which runs as low as $20 per month and includes most popular basic cable channels. 

Can I save money by getting rid of my DVR service?

With on-demand services readily available, DVRs are becoming more and more obsolete, and opting out of DVR service can save you $10 or more per month, per DVR. 

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