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    Ask This to Find the Best Places to Travel in October

    Traveling in October is a great way to see the world without paying the sky-high fares of the peak summer travel season. And as the leaves turn orange and brown here at home, some of the best tourist destinations overseas take on all-new life. In the northern hemisphere, sweltering climates become more bearable, while springtime conditions in the southern hemisphere provide endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation. The changing season is no reason to stow your wanderlust for the year; instead, do some research and find the autumn adventure of a lifetime. Ask the following questions to find the best place for your October getaway.

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    Where is the best place to ski in October?
    If skiing is your passion, then you can get an early start by traveling to some of the world's best ski locales. Loveland, CO is a great place to start, with the resort here often among the first in the continental US to open. Another top destination is Whistler, BC, Canada, which is a world-class ski destination with superb lodging and shopping. Sometimes the ski lifts on Mt. Hood, Oregon open in October, too.
    How is Las Vegas in October?
    Las Vegas is exciting at any time of year, but walking the strip during the summertime can be nearly unbearable as temperatures regularly soar into triple digits. While the Vegas weather is still awesome in the fall, average temperatures are in the mid-80s while rarely breaking 100 degrees. Search for discount airfare, casino packages and cheap show tickets frequently offered to entice off-season travelers.
    What does the Turkish Coast have to offer in October?
    If sunny beaches are what you crave, then you may want to research vacationing in Turkey in October. The Aegean and Bosphorus coasts are hot, sunny and beautiful at that time of year, and the waters are a breathtaking blue. Ask about off-season discount rates at nearby boutique hotels.
    Which theme parks are offering Halloween-themed events?
    Did you know that Disneyland and many other theme parks offer Halloween-themed attractions and events through most or all of October? If you're in search of thrills and amusement, contact various theme parks and see which ones are offering extra bang for the buck in October. Remember to contact offsite hotels to compare rates on lodging.
    Should I visit Alaska or Hawaii?
    The nation's two outlying states are incredible places to visit, especially during the off season. In Alaska, people can experience the state's natural beauty with relatively normal cycles of daylight and darkness. And in Hawaii, people can enjoy snorkeling, hiking and other outdoor activities without the crush of summer crowds. Best of all, airfares start offering cheaper fares to both states as autumn rolls around.
    Where are the best golf spots during the fall?
    Arizona is known as the best state for golfing at any time of year, and going in the fall just means golfing in more bearable weather. Check out travel websites and various golf courses and get information about specialized golf vacation packages. These packages offer discounted rates for hotel accommodations and rounds of golf.
    Is October a good time to visit England?
    The United Kingdom is never a great destination for people who don't like rain. That said, the frequent rains make the UK beautiful, and when the land's lush leaves turn brown and orange, then England takes on a whole new look. If you're thinking of an off-season trip to England, then you may want to consider the UK's Lake District, which can look like the world's finest painting with its varied palette of fall colors.
    When in Rome... in October?
    October is perhaps the best time of the year to visit Rome. Many Italians are on holiday for much of August, leading to crowds in many of the best tourist areas. Also, the summer months can get very hot. As a result of these two factors, many travelers squeeze in late-summer trips to Rome in September. However, the weather in October is often close to the late summer-climate, making this a fantastic time to view Rome's ancient history. Ask about discount hotels and tours that visit the sites you'd like to see most.