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    Ask this to Find Places for Premium Wordpress Themes

    Premium Wordpress themes allow you to present your content or store with a clean, elegant website. Most amazing premium WP themes are usually extremely affordable, despite the label of “premium,” and they will say a lot about you as a professional. The best new 2015 themes don’t only look chic, they also contain state-of-the-art code to boost your search engine rating and views. Whether you’re running an e-commerce business or launching your niche blog, you can compare the top 3 premium themes to get an idea of how hard the Wordpress platform will work for you. The best places to find premium WP themes are Theme Forest, Studio Press, and Elegant Themes. Read on to learn more about finding premium Wordpress themes.

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    How many pages do I want for my website?
    If you only want a single landing page, you may not need a premium Wordpress theme. If you want more pages, such as an About, Contact, or Store pages, you should invest in a premium theme.
    Do I pay for this theme one time or on a yearly basis?
    Most premium themes only require you to pay for them one time. However, the more complex ones occasionally come with support from the designer and may require a subscription.
    Can I get a free trial of this theme?
    Many theme, especially the costlier ones, offer a free trial to see if it’s the right one for you. You can use this theme for the term of the trial – usually between 3 days and 30 days. If a trial isn’t advertised, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the designer directly.
    How reliable is the web designer of this theme?
    Your designer must be reliable. You must be able to contact him with requests and have him reply in a timely fashion. You also should be able to ask him any questions after the theme has been installed on your site.
    Can I include a forum on my website with this theme?
    Some themes include a forum feature. A forum will allow your customers or readers to spend more time on your website, becoming more engaged with your products or content, and driving up ad revenue.
    Can I hire a designer to make a custom premium WP theme for me?
    If you’ve shopped the best sites for premium themes and you just can’t find the right one, you can find a designer that comes closest to what you’re looking for and ask them to give you an estimate on a custom theme. Be warned, skilled designers will charge a lot of money for custom content.
    How will this theme facilitate email communication with my readers/customers?
    Many premium themes can include plugins to allow you to suggest signing up for your email newsletter to each visitor to your site. You can also set up a “Contact Us” page to allow your customers or readers to send you questions or comments directly from the site.
    Will I be able to easily learn the theme’s coding in case my website goes down?
    It would be absolutely detrimental if your website goes down for a long period of time. Make sure that if your theme doesn’t come with tech support, you have enough knowledge of how the coding works to repair any glitches on your own.