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Unlimited data plans have changed the way we access the internet. Internet users no longer have to worry about data caps when browsing the web, communicating with their loved ones, playing games online, shopping online or streaming live videos. Carriers have also moved to introduce new data plans that are structured to meet the needs of clients. The data plans are competitively priced to ensure that the carriers stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. The top three unlimited data plans in the market are the T-Mobile ONE Plan, the Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan, and the AT&T Unlimited wireless data plan. When looking for the best-unlimited data plan to suit your needs, you should ask these questions about the three best-unlimited data plans.

What does unlimited data plan mean at the three carriers?

For T-Mobile, the data plan will be unlimited until one reaches the threshold set for the 4G LTE network. Beyond this, the speeds will reduce to about 128 kilobits per second. Sprint unlimited data plans offer customers unlimited text, voice and data package at the cost of $60 for a month. For family plans, any additional line will cost $ 40. The unlimited data plans are designed to slow down whenever the network gets congested. AT&T provides one user plans for $100 with each additional line for an extra $40 per month. The carrier slows data speeds when usage exceeds 22 GB.

Which carrier offers the best additional features?

When it comes to additional features, T-Mobile’s ONE plan is a distance ahead of the two competing carriers. The additional perks offered by T-Mobile include unlimited text, talk, and data in Mexico and Canada, the ability to stream music from the customer’s favorite streaming apps, no averages on data for the unlimited data plans, free gifts on Tuesdays and the best urban services.

How are the international services of the carriers structured?

AT&T provides 1GB of free data when roaming in Mexico while Sprint allows customers 16 GB of high-speed data when visiting a total of 16 countries in North and Latin America without exacting any romancing charges. T-Mobile allows access to unlimited data when visiting over 120 countries. The good news is that the service does not attract any extra charges but is available at 2G speeds.

How is the Stream Saver offered by AT&T helpful?

Stream Saver is a service offered by AT&T that allows users to do more with the same amount of data than they would have done without the service. This makes it possible to stream more videos, play more games online and enjoy more browsing of the web. The best part is that the carrier does not require its customers to pay more for Stream Saver.

Which carrier among the three offers the highest speeds?

When it comes to downloading speed tests, it is a close contest among the three carriers. The LTE connections of the Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan and the AT&T unlimited wireless data plan average below 13 Mbps. The T-Mobile ONE plan has the fastest LTE speeds, with download tests showing the speeds to be averaging at around 16.3 Mbps.

What is the most suitable data plan for a limited budget?

Determining the affordability of an unlimited data plan involves taking into account the speeds of the plan, the number of devices it can support and the price of the package. Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Plan will cost customers a total of $100 for two lines while T-Mobile’s ONE Plan costs a total of $120 for two lines. Both carriers reserve the right to throttle heavy users at some point in the cycle.

What is the best-unlimited plan for individuals?

Depending on your data usage, you will pay $40 per month for Sprint’s data plan with caps. This makes it the most affordable individual plan among those provided by the three carriers. For customers who consider themselves to be data hogs, paying $60 for the unlimited data package would be a small price to pay. The additional perks that come with the data plans include unlimited text, talk, and data in Mexico and Canada.

Which carrier is ideal for families?

For families living in urban areas and use up a large amount of data, choosing the T-Mobile unlimited data plan would be a wise choice. The data plan allows you to connect up to 10 devices securely. The T-Mobile ONE gives customers hotspot speeds at 3G, making it great for streaming music, email, and web browsing. Customers can be sure that connecting multiple devices will not affect the connection speeds in any significant way.

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