Ask This About the Top Public Health Degree Programs

Passionate about public health? Check out the top public health degree programs! Earning a degree from public health program can start you on a path to a lucrative and vital career in public health. Doing your part to reduce disease and disability around the world, your public health degree will give you a chance to make a difference in the world and also earn some good money. Helping you to develop a vast knowledge of diseases, health sciences, behavioral health sciences, social sciences, and so much more, the top universities like UCI, Arizona State University, and Georgia State University offer the best public health degree programs in the country. If you are interested in learning more about the top programs to earn a public health degree, ask these questions. 

Why earn a degree in public health?

If you love people and are concerned about the collective, earning a degree in public health can help you to start helping other at home and around the world. You’ll have the tools necessary to fight pollution, diseases, disasters and a variety of other health concerns facing the world today. If you want to truly make a difference, its starts with a degree in public health.

What can you tell me about John Hopkins?

The John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health offers part-time Master’s degree programs that are available in a fully online format. The university currently offers lessons in patient safety, healthcare quality, spatial analysis, global tobacco control, and population health management. Earn your Master’s degree at the number one university for public health.

What can you tell me about UCI?

UC Irvine is one of the top Universities for upward mobility, helping pull students out of poverty into successful jobs. UCI offers one of the best public health programs in the country and is particularly welcoming to students from out of state. Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health and part of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, at UC Irvine, you can be sure you are getting the highest standards of education.

What jobs are available with a public health degree?

A public health degree can open up a number of doors of opportunity for you. You can get public health jobs as an epidemiologist, nutritionist, occupational health specialist, and as a safety technician. Other available jobs in public health include public health education and public health administration.

What can you tell me about Georgia State University?

Georgia State University offers a Master of Public Health program that will let you earn a public health degree fast. As one of the most affordable programs in the country, it welcomes a wide variety of individuals from every age and racial group. Requiring 42 credits and 240 practicum hours to complete, Georgia State University students will learn about environmental health, biostatistics, health policy management and epidemiology.

What is the cost of tuition?

The cost of tuition will vary depending on the program you attend. The most affordable option is the program at Georgia Sate University that costs as less than $7K. At John Hopkins and UCI, the typical annual tuition is as high as $44K per year. Of course, tuition costs are always subject to change.

Are online classes available?

Online classes in public health are available from many of the top universities in the country like John Hopkins. Distance learning courses are a great opportunity for busy working people to transition into a new career, because they can study at their own pace. Fully online courses give you the freedom to learn within the comfort of your own home.

How much can I earn?

When acquiring a public health degree, how much you’ll earn depends entirely on what job you get after the program. Health educators can earn an average salary of around $55K, while a community health worker will earn around $38K per year. Meanwhile, epidemiologists and environmental scientists might earn as much as $75K per year.

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