Ask This About the Top Early Child Education Degree Programs

Love working with kids? Earning an early childhood education degree program can start you on a career path that you can be proud of. With a career in early childhood education, you can start affecting children’s lives early on, teaching children the necessary skills and knowledge they need to thrive throughout their educational journey. School teachers have a tough but rewarding job that parents and children alike will appreciate. Make a difference with a degree in early childhood education. The top degree programs from Ashford, Arizona State University, and New York University can help you, offering you the skills you need. If you are interested in earning a degree in early childhood education, ask these questions about the best programs in the country.

Are there distance learning courses available?

Distance learning courses are available from early childhood education programs. Top Universities like Arizona State University and Ashford offer fully online early childhood education programs that can help educators further their knowledge and careers, even allowing them to earn a doctorate through the online format. With online distance learning programs, you can get the highest quality standards of education in the comfort of your home on a more flexible and convenient schedule, so you can continue to work as you earn your Master’s degree.

What can you tell me about Ashford University?

Ashford University allows you to earn your early childhood education degree all online. Allowing you to explore multiple career options and teaching you to shape young minds, Ashford University can ensure you get the help you need to succeed. Their courses are affordable, convenient, and interesting and can be completed in as little as five weeks. If you aren’t satisfied, you can drop out within the fourth week of your first course – there are no tuition fees until that point. Join as a transfer student or start fresh today. Check out Ashford University online today.

What can you tell me about Arizona State University?

At Arizona State University, the Early Childhood Education Master’s program is easily one of the top programs in the country. Classes just last 7.5 weeks and only a total of 10 are required. After 30 credit hours, you could finally earn your Master’s degree. Develop skills in communication, technology, administration, advocacy and other specialized skills. Courses include Mathematics in early Childhood Education, Emergent Literacy, Foundations of Diversity, and even Child Guidance, and Management. Apply now, online!

Do I qualify for financial aid?

If you are a low-income student and require assistance, don’t be afraid to ask for it. With good grades and performance, you may be eligible for grants and scholarships. If not, you may be eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized student loans with flexible payment options. Most of them don’t require repayment until months after you graduate. Speak to a financial aid expert for more information.

What can you tell me about New York University?

A top-level University, New York University’s Early Childhood Education program is suitable for preparing students to teach at any early education level – from K to 6. Their courses focus on human development, foundations of education, curriculum, and classroom fieldwork for real-world practice. The Liberal Arts Core provides the best training and delivers a solid education for students, preparing them to work with children right out of college.

What are the most affordable program options?

The most affordable program options comes from ASU and Ashford University. At ASU, tuition costs are around $11K per year which is less than most top-tier universities. Ashford University offers a similarly low-cost tuition at just a little over $11k per year.

What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education refers to education from preschool all the way to grade 6. A degree program in childhood education will prepare you for teaching all the basic skills they will need to thrive in an educational setting. You’ll learn the fundamentals of education along with lessons in child development and inquiry-based education – because students best learn by asking questions. Early childhood education programs can also prepare you to teach special needs students and teach literacy to students of varying ages. There are more opportunities as an educator than you can imagine.

What is the salary for an early childhood educator?

Early childhood education specialists usually will earn around $35K per year on average as a mid-level salary. However, early on in your career, you may only earn as much as $30K. But with years of experience, valuable educators can earn up to $40,000 per year. Of course, there’s no greater reward than helping children.

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