Ask This About the Top 3 Samsung Phone Offers

Samsung smartphones are among the best options of any smartphone out there. Offering consistent quality construction and performance, Samsung smartphones are uniquely reliable and efficient. The top models like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Note 5 are top of the line models with excellent performance and features that few smartphones can beat. There are also more affordable options like the Galaxy Core Prime that are great options for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money or stick to a plan. The top 3 Samsung phone offers include the Galaxy Core Prime from Best Buy, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Sprint and the Galaxy Note 5 from Target. If you are looking for a great deal on a Samsung phone, ask these questions about the top 3 Samsung phone offers.

Does this offer come with a Gift Card?

Offers like the Galaxy Note 5 at Target, may come with a gift card that you can easily use towards your shopping needs. Qualifying orders at Target come with an impressive $200 gift card, making shopping at Target for your phone a more appealing option.

Are there any more affordable options?

An excellent affordable phone option is the Galaxy Core Prime, which many could easily afford, as it costs less than $130. By paying for the phone all at once, you can select a prepaid phone plan that you can cancel at anytime. Otherwise, you can opt for a 2-year agreement through Best Buy which will only charge you a measly $6 a month.

Is the phone new or used?

While the top 3 phone offers in this article are all for new phones, there are plenty of opportunities to get a used phone which can save you even more. If you don’t want a used phone, be sure to check the store website to be sure you are in fact getting a new product as it may be displayed in small print.

Can I get money back by switching carriers?

Some carriers, like Sprint will offer great ways to save when you switch from another carrier. When getting the Galaxy S7 Edge, new customers can get $200 back per line when they choose unlimited data, talk and text. This will be issued on a Visa prepaid card.

What special limited time offers are available?

Phones like the Galaxy Core Prime from Best Buy may come with other offers like $30 or $50 off printers that you can also purchase. Additionally, Best Buy has a rewards program that can give you 5% back in rewards.

Who is the provider?

Most people have a preference when it comes to a provider. Some may prefer Sprint and some may prefer Verizon. Others may prefer a more affordable option. Be sure when selecting an offer that you choose the right provider, or your phone will not work with the provider of your choice. Otherwise, you can choose an unlocked phone if there is one available which will work with any provider.

Will I have to sign up for a contract?

Many great deals you can get on Samsung Galaxy phones are only possible if you sign up for a 2-year agreement. For instance, to get a Samsung Galaxy Edge from Sprint for just $33 a month, you’ll need to sign a 2-year agreement. In the event of cancellation you may be required to pay a fee in addition to paying off the phone. This is also the best option when you can’t afford to pay all at once.

Does the phone come with a free shipping offer?

Some offers may or may not come with free shipping. While some may not actually charge for shipping the phone, it may be the case that shipping is not available in your area. So if you don’t have a Target close by or you don’t have a Best Buy close you may want to choose an offer that will at least provide free shipping to you.

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