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    Top 3 Natural Ways to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

    Did you know cooking with coconut oil might help with managing diabetes? Few people realize how a variety of natural ingredients readily available at the supermarket, have been shown to have numerous health benefits for people with diabetes or on the verge of diabetes. These natural products can be easily introduced into your cooking without compromising flavor or sacrificing time. By introducing natural products like coconut oil into your cooking, you may be able to more effectively manage diabetes, especially in combination with your existing treatment plan. After trying out some of these natural ingredients, we found the top 3 natural ways to help manage type 2 diabetes are olive oil, coconut oil and macadamia butter. If you are interested in learning more about fighting diabetes the natural way, ask these questions.

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    How can olive oil help manage diabetes?

    Olive oil helps manage diabetes by lowering both blood sugar and cholesterol. Some studies have shown that merely adding extra virgin olive oil to your dish can have this effect, especially compared to a dish where another oil was used. For individuals with diabetes, this means that olive oil can help reduce blood glucose spikes that usually occur after the meals you eat.

    How can coconut oil manage diabetes?

    Coconut oil has been found to help manage diabetes by reducing fat in the body, since excess weight is largely responsible for diabetes. Because coconut oil is a medium-chain fat, your body has an easier time burning that fat off rather than storing it. Additionally, it can help your body to fight insulin resistance.

    How much olive oil should I use?

    Even when you consider the benefits of olive oil, it’s important to realize that olive oil is still a fat and using too much can be unhealthy, not doing any favors when it comes to obesity. Generally, its not advisable to use any more than a tablespoon per serving of food and only use it when a dish calls for it, such as when cooking chicken.

    How do I use coconut oil my cooking?

    Coconut oil proves a simple replacement for canola oil, olive oil or vegetable oil, and adds a ton of flavor to your dish. It often comes as a white, somewhat solid substance that’s scooped out and place in a pan, and once melted by heat, turns clear. You can use it for nearly any dish that calls for oil, including chicken, pasta dishes, desserts and a whole lot more.

    How do I use macadamia butter?

    Macadamia butter can be an easy alternative for butter and toast, because you can just spread it on toast and enjoy. It can also be used in baking for making lower fat cookies and other sweets to ease your sweet tooth. It also proves to be a delicious dip and it can even be used as a base for cooking.

    How much coconut oil should I use?

    In spite of its benefits, its important to use coconut oil only in moderation as it is still considered an unhealthy fat. Coconut oil has a ton of saturated fats that can raise cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. So only use it every now and then – not every day.

    What’s a good alternative to butter?

    It’s no secret that butter is delicious, but it’s also no secret how unhealthy it is – especially if you have diabetes. Macadamia butter made from macadamia nuts is a great alternative to regular butter and proves just as delicious.

    Why is macadamia butter good for people with type 2 diabetes?

    Macadamia nuts are one of the healthiest nuts in the world. Offering a natural sweetness without a ton of carbs and fat, macadamia nuts can be ground into a delicious butter that adds a ton of flavor to any dish without contributing to weight gain or increasing blood sugar.