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    Ask This About the Top 3 BMW Lease Deals This Month

    BMW is one of the most renowned auto makers in the world. Offering top-quality construction and unbeatable luxury, the top BMWs of 2017 are continuing to offer what most drivers have come to expect, along with a few surprises. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy or commit to buying one of these exceptional BMW models. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for drivers to get behind the wheel nevertheless. With top BMW lease deals of 2017, drivers can get a chance to drive the car of their dreams without as big of a commitment. The top three BMW lease deals this month include the 2017 320i sedan, the 530i xDrive sedan and the 2017 X3 xDrive28i. If you are interested in these top lease deals, ask these questions.

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    How much for the 530i?

    The 2017 530i xDrive Sedan can be leased for just $589 per month. As a larger sedan, you’ll have more room for grown families and more luxury than ever. The lease offer includes a lighting package that includes automatic high beams and adaptive LED headlights.

    How much for the X3?

    The 2017 X3 xDrive28i can leased for only $419. It’s the perfect choice for families looking for an SUV. Like the 330i, it includes the driver assistance package with a rearview camera and park distance control, which will help prevent accidents while parking. You’ll be sure to love it.

    How much for the 320i?

    The 2017 320i Sedan can be leased for just $289 per month -- it's fast and sophisticated -- and this lease is an excellent deal no matter how you look at it. The 2017 320i features a driver assistance package that includes a rearview camera and park distance control.

    Do any deals offer lease credit?

    Of the top 3 lease deals, only one offers lease credit. The 2017 320i Sedan offers up to $2,500 in lease credit which will help make those payments a lot easier. This lease credit is included with the monthly payments and does not cost extra.

    What’s the down payment?

    Down payments for the top 3 BMW lease offers are exceptionally low. Both the BMW X3 and the BMW 320i have down payments of just $3,000 or less. The 530i features a down payment of a slightly higher $3,800 which is nearly as great.

    Are there any fees?

    Most lease offers do come with some amount of fees you’ll need to consider. The top lease deals of the month however, come with some fairly low fee costs. Every BMW lease charges a $925 acquisition fee that is charged along with your first month’s payment and the down payment.

    Do I need approval?

    In order to lease a BMW, you’ll need to prove you can afford your monthly payments and make them consistently. To show this, you’ll need to fill out a credit application and the dealer will want to check out your credit score. You’ll need to have a decent credit score for acceptance.

    What if I want to keep it?

    Should drivers fall in love with their new BMW, drivers will have the option to purchase the car at the end of their lease. After you’ve put your money down at the end of the lease, including monthly payments, down payments and remaining fees, you’ll have the opportunity to pay the residual amount, provided you have the money or have taken out a car loan.