Ask This About the Top 10 Online Degrees with Six Figure Salaries

As you know, getting a well-paid job without a degree is nearly impossible. Fortunately, you can get a degree online that can open up doors for you in getting that six-figure salary you’ve always dreamed about. Getting an online degree is much easier than getting a traditional degree, provided you have the time management skills to make it work. You can get a high-quality education from an online school, with the added bonuses of flexible hours and lower tuition rates. There are many careers that you can choose from when you get an online degree, such as business administration and hospitality. If you’re interested in starting a new career, ask these questions to learn about the top 10 online degrees with six-figure salaries.

What can you tell me about accounting degrees?

An accounting degree will teach you about the relationship between expenses and revenue for a business or nonprofit. This expert knowledge will allow you to become a trusted and important part of any workforce. You will be able to negotiate your own salary with this degree as every business needs an accountant to manage their numbers and pay wages.

What can you tell me about marketing degrees?

Marketing is how to get the word out about a business to customers. While studying for this degree, you’ll learn not only how to reach new customers but how to manipulate your business strategies to retain customers. The best part about this degree is you can use the creativity you already have to create successful marketing campaigns.

What can you tell me about finance degrees?

Similar to accounting degrees, these degrees teach you about money and to make it work for a business. You can get a high-paying job in places like investment firms and banks. You’ll learn all about micro and macro-economics, and how the economy can affect a business’s revenue and profits.

What can you tell me about hospitality degrees?

A hospitality degree will set you up for success in the hospitality world. Not only does this include hotels, but it also opens doors for you at sports venues and restaurants. This degree mixes the corporate world and retail, allowing you to use the knowledge and skills you gained at your high-school job. Best of all, if you work for such a venue to pay your way through school, you might use your degree at the same company and keep all accrued benefits.

What can you tell me about project management degrees?

Project managers use organizational skills and leadership skills to help companies execute new projects, such as in marketing or product development. They organize the project; they don’t do the project themselves. Learning how to do this takes organizational skills as well as strong interpersonal skills. This degree is offered at many online schools.

What can you tell me about network systems and information technology degrees?

These degrees are all about technology and making it work for a company. You’ll learn how to create networks and systems for a company or how to advise others who have problems with existing systems. You’ll need creativity and strong problem-solving skills to be successful with these degrees, but once you have one you’ll be prepared to become an important and integral part of a company’s IT team.

What can you tell me about healthcare administration and health informatics degrees?

For these degrees, you’ll learn all about how to streamline the healthcare process at the clinic or hospital level. From accessing patient records to triage practices, you’ll be able to maximize effectiveness for a clinic or hospital. You’ll also learn how to do this while keeping in mind current patient privacy and protection laws.

What can you tell me about a business administration degree?

A business administration degree is a very popular online degree and is offered at many online schools. While taking courses for this degree, you’ll learn all about how a business operates. Your new knowledge will open the door to management for you at many companies.

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