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The age of IOT is here. Compromised of a network of appliances, vehicles and mobile devices, and so many other things connected to the internet, the internet of things (IOT) is growing, keeping us more connected to everything than ever before. The best new IOT services and gadgets are changing the way people live and work. And believe it or not, your smart refrigerator and smartphone are just a small part of the internet of things. Right now, IOT is being implemented in agriculture for the purpose of collecting data on climate, and the environment. It’s also being used for healthcare too, providing remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems for the disabled and the elderly. If you are interested in learning about some of the best and most interesting IOT devices available, ask these questions.

How is IOT used for home automation?

Devices out right now can help you automate your home, saving you time, but more importantly, allowing you to conserve energy for the sake of the future and your wallet. With BeOn or Philips Hue, smart lightbulbs that can turn on at scheduled times, you’ll never again struggle to find that light switch in the dark or leave that lightbulb on while it runs up your energy bill. Also, the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi plug allows you to easily turn off electronics or lights that consume a lot of energy from anywhere. There’s also smart heating and cooling devices like Ecobee 4 that learns optimal cooling and heating settings based on its user’s behavior patterns and temperature adjustment patterns. It can provide an optimal temperature throughout the day, making you more comfortable and saving you money in the process.

What IOT devices are available for kitchens?

Millions of people around the world are now starting to implement IOT devices and appliances to in their kitchen. Smart refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, your refrigerator can adjust to keep an optimal temperature no matter how often you open the fridge or how much you are storing in it. The fridge also allows you to share notes, photos and calendars remotely. It will even help you to create shopping lists based only on what you need, allowing you to see inside with three built-in cameras. Even quickly see expiration dates and nutritional information for food items. Other great kitchen appliances include the new Smart Slower Cooker which allows you to operate your slow cooker with your smartphone, adjusting temperature, cook times and even set alerts remotely.

How can IOT help me monitor water consumption

Never again get blindsided by a ridiculously high-cost water bill. Devices like the Hydropoint 360 is installed on your home’s cold water line under your sink to monitor what appliances are being used and how much water they are using. It can even help you discover clogs and leaks before they become a bigger problem. Another device called the Ecomo Fount is a water filter that identifies heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants that are not safe for consumption.

What IOT devices are available for home security?

IOT security devices will give you even greater peace of mind when you leave your home. The August Smart Lock Pro offers auto-lock features that ensure you never forget to lock up again. You can even access the lock remotely and provide key codes for friends and family to use to access your home while you’re gone. The Kwikset Kevo smart lock connects via Bluetooth and provides eKeys for guests that can be set on a schedule. The SkyBell lock integrates live video monitoring with night vision, so you can see who is trying to get in your home. It can also automatically turn on your porch lights to scare away intruders.

What IOT devices are great for offices?

IOT devices are changing to way people work in their home offices. The Neo Smartpen 2 connects with mobile software to share ideas, pictures and diagrams and everything else you write with your Smartpen. Synchronizing directly to your smartphone, everything you write or draw can be sent into the digital world, directly to a family member, co-worker or whoever else – even social media. It’s a great tool for collaborating on projects when you can’t share ideas in-person. When you are short on space in your office, the ZutA Labs robotic printer can create standard letter-sized prints in less than a minute. Measuring about four inches, this small printer moves across a piece of paper to print anything you need more conveniently than ever. Just connect it to your smartphone and let the smartphone guide it.

What can you tell me about the BlueSmart One?

Turn your luggage into a traveling companion. When your luggage is just too important to lose, the BlueSmart One can be located from anywhere through 3G connection and GPS. Charge your devices with two integrated USB ports. Want to make sure your baggage stays with you on the plane? The integrated scale can tell you just how much your luggage weighs, so you can avoid hefty luggage fees. Conveniently lock and unlock your baggage with your smartphone too.

What can you tell me about IOT Works?

HCL Technologies is changing the way people are doing work. The IOT Works solutions from HCL Technologies are being implemented in healthcare, manufacturing, energy, traveling and much more. The IOT Works FORCE services improve the flow of user information for the sake of work safety, transition of care and remote monitoring. With ASSET, you can get specialized asset tracking to ensure reliability and functionality of your assets. SITE and TRANSFORM operations help your business run much more smoothly and efficiently, particularly when it comes to costs. Track and trace data from anywhere and keep your business connected with IOT.

How can IOT assist seniors?

IOT is being used to help seniors across the country. Medical alert systems can help seniors get in contact with medical services when they physically cannot make the call. Medical alert services like Phillips Lifeline use wearable devices that can detect falls and call emergency services if necessary. But there are also more advanced medical alert systems like Check Me Online that track your overall health including your heart rate, sending notifications to friends, family and caregivers. With wearable watches that connect to your smartphone, you can better keep tabs on your elderly loved ones.

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