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Ask This About the Best Options for Event Ticketing and Registration

Planning an event? With the best options for event ticketing and registration services, you can simplify ticketing and help your event grow. On your own, managing ticketing and registration can be difficult without the right tools. But with ticketing services available online like EventBrite, Attendify, and OvationTix, you can announce events and start selling tickets fast, watching your event get bigger and bigger before your very eyes. If you’ve never hosted an event before and aren’t quite sure what to do, let this helpful guide steer you in the right direction. If you are interested in learning more about how event ticketing and registration works for events, ask these questions about how to sell tickets online. Selling your event in just a few simple steps!

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How do I resale tickets?

When trying to resale tickets, you do not need to participate in even registration and ticketing. You’ll need to use a separate service like VividSeats or even Ticketmaster to post a listing for tickets you already have. These allow you to easily resale tickets for an event you are not planning on attending.

How do I create an event page?

Creating an event page is surprisingly simple with the right ticketing service. Using a service like EventBrite or Attendify will allow you to create a mobile-optimized event page in a matter of minutes. This page will feature a Get Tickets button that will link directly to a ticket page, where interested guests can purchase their tickets in a matter of seconds.

How can I market my event?

Marketing is an important part of hosting an event. If people don’t know about the event, they can’t attend. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are great tools for marketing your event. Anyone can create an event for free, plus boosting your event comes at a minimal cost. And of course, you can always market by means of email or use tools offered by companies like OvationTix

What is included with the registration process?

Even registration with a service like Attendify is incredibly easy to set up. The registration system is integrated with Attendify apps and their very own data management platform. You’ll not only be able to register the event itself but you’ll also be able to register everyone attending the event. It also gives you the ability to boost attendance of the event with engagement data.

How can I make tickets more easily accessible?

You can make tickets more accessible by installing a widget on your website. Adding a widget to your website will give potential guests a chance to purchase tickets for your event regardless of what page they are on, giving them a quick link to the ordering page.

Can I add terms and conditions?

Adding terms and conditions for your event is extremely important as it protects you from liability. Having your own terms and conditions is also important for the protection of your guests as well as it set rules protects their personal information. When purchasing anything, a terms and conditions page is always necessary. It creates a legally binding contract between you and the customer. Attendify makes adding terms and conditions easy.

How can I keep track of ticket sales?

Ticketing websites like Attendify, EventBrite and OvationTix allows you to keep track of ticket sales and even creates reports that you can analyze and better understand who is attending your event. By essentially automating ticket management, you’ll have more time to focus on your event – improving your experience for your attendees. EventBrite allows you to access a variety of reports and charts that are updated in real time and are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

What if I want to sell tickets in a public setting?

EventBrite also allows you to sell tickets along with your online sales thanks to the EventBrite Organizer apps that allows you to keep track of ticket sales live and allows you to make new sales via credit card with a card reader, and then print tickets or receipts with the Star or Boca printer. Service fees for processing payment and printing tickets is available for as low as $1.

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