Ask This About Teeth Whitening Products for Smokers

If you are a smoker suffering from tobacco teeth stains, you know how troublesome they can be. Tobacco stains can easily stick to the teeth like super-glue, becoming exceptionally difficult to remove through just brushing alone. And while making regular trips to the dentist to get cleanings can help, a dentist can only do so much. However, there are a variety of whitening treatments that have been proven to provide brighter smile for a remarkable number of individuals. Smokers in particular have been most impressed with these new and effective treatments. Through the top three over-the-counter treatments and zoom whitening medical treatments, you too can achieve a whiter smile. If you are a smoker in search of the perfect teeth whitening products, ask these questions.

Are there any Zoom take-home kits?

Zoom take-home kits are also available. One of the best options is the Zoom NiteWhite kit. This kit uses a tray that you fill with gel and apply to your teeth overnight. This works out better for some people who don’t feel like, or don’t have the time to wait for the whitening process during the day.

Can I remove long-term staining with Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips?

Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips can remove up to 14 years of staining. While there are fewer treatments in every box, these Whitestrips are tougher on stains. Strips are applied for 30 minutes every day until the box is depleted. After this method, you may still need to use whitening strips to prevent further damage.

How long after I should see results?

In order to see results, you must use the product exactly as directed. This means using the Whitestrips every day for as long as directed, until you have used the entire box of Whitestrips. A regular box of Whitestrips contains about 56 strips that should provide around a month’s worth of treatment. The Luxe Whitestrips should last around 20 days, after which you should see the results you seek.

What can you tell me about AuraGlow?

AuraGlow is another type of home whitening kit that uses a much different method for whitening. With AuraGlow, a gel is applied to the teeth that is already designed to whiten them. However, you then place a tray into your mouth with a light attached to it that will shine light on your teeth. This light helps the gel work much more quickly. After 10 30-minute treatments, you should see satisfying results.

What is Zoom WhiteSpeed?

Zoom WhiteSpeed from Philips is a whitening technology similar to AuraGlow that uses a whitening gel and light treatment to get rid of tough stains, except in this case, it is used by dentists and hygienists. A 45-minute treatment can reduce yellowing by up to 8 shades.

What is Zoom QuickPro?

Zoom QuickPro is another method that uses a special varnish that can be brushed off afterward. While the varnish dries after 10 minutes, it is kept on for around 30 minutes before it is brushed off. Like WhiteSpeed, the QuickPro method is also performed by a medical professional.

What are the advantages of professional treatment?

Through professional treatment you can usually get more effective results, because trained professionals know exactly what they are doing. The downside of course is that dentists may charge a lot more than it costs to buy a kit. However, some kits may cause irritation in the mouth for some, which professional treatment is unlikely to do.

How can I prevent tobacco stains with Crest 3D Whitestrips?

Aside from brushing your teeth regularly or as often as possible, another way to whiten teeth is to buy a whitening product that is designed to prevent stains. By using Crest 3D Whitestrips, you can help prevent tobacco stains before they become a problem. All it takes is five minutes out of your day. They are easy to apply and take off.

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