Ask This About Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Septic tanks are a huge part of any residential home that is not hooked up to city sewer. Your septic tank serves as a receptacle for all the grey water and black water that comes from your home. This means water that comes from the wash, from your sinks and showers, and from washers inside the home as well as sewage that comes from the toilets. Your septic tank is designed to be large enough that it can accommodate a huge amount of waste and water, the septic tank will then discharge or leech the water that was in the septic tank back out into what are called leech lines. These lines will then take the water out and away from the home. The solid waste is then retained at the bottom of the tank until it is cleaned.

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Is there monthly septic tank maintenance I can perform?

There are some different things that you can do to help keep your septic tank somewhat clear. Using a monthly treatment like Rid-X is going to help keep your septic tank cleaner and prevent it from overflowing. Rid-X has bacteria and enzymes that are great for helping to break down the sludge in your septic tank and it only costs $9.99 for a month treatment.

How often should my septic tank be emptied?

Your septic tank does not have to be emptied all that often unless there are extenuating circumstances. Your septic tank doesn't need to be emptied any more than every five years or so depending on how much is put into it. You can do a quick search to find septic tank cleaners near you on sites like Angie's List.

How can I tell my septic tank needs to be cleaned?

In some cases, you can tell that your septic tank is nearly full when your septic tank starts to back up or pool in your back yard. Also, if have lived in your home for many years and have never had it emptied, you may need to have it cleaned. You can find great septic tank cleaning companies like Duncan and Daughters Septic to pump your tank. Price varies dependent on how easy it is to access and pump the tank.

Do you ever have to replace a septic tank?

You may have to replace your septic tank if it is destroyed or damaged for some reason. Say you are doing construction in your back yard and the tank is damaged, you may need to replace it. Age can also play a big role in replacement. You can get a full septic system from Lowe's for about $4,999.

Can you maintain your septic tank at home?

You can do some things at home to keep your tank from overflowing. There are a few different things you can do but the best is to start by using a treatment like the Green Gobbler Septic Saver Enzyme treatment for $11.98 per treatment.

Can you pump your own septic tank?

There are some reservations when it comes to pumping your own tank. For starters, the contents of a septic tank are dangerous, it is raw sewage, homeowner's can pump some of the water out with a personal pump like the Simer Submersible pump for $82.44 but users want to be careful what is being pumped up.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent septic tank build up?

It is possible to avoid a septic tank overflowing with different things like snaking your drains to remove sediments, with something like a rigid toilet Auger for $28.85, but the real issue comes with how much water is being deposited into the system.

Does the drainage of your yard affect the septic tank?

The wetness of your yard may affect how well the septic tank is able to leach away excess water. You can always improve the drainage of your yard with something like the US trench drain for $24.49 per segment to help make drainage in your septic lines easier and more effective.

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