Ask This About Saving Money on Inmate Phone Calls

Have a friend or family member in prison? Calling a loved one in prison is one great way to show someone you care. Unfortunately, due to the premium rates associated with incoming prison calls, talking to a loved one often is a bit difficult to manage when it comes to expense. However, numerous inmate call service providers can help you save a ton of money on calls from inmates. Giving you a special number specifically for inmate calls, every call you get from a loved one in jail or prison will come at a reduced rate. All the inmate has to do is call that new number – that’s all it takes to start saving. If you are interested in learning more about how you can save on inmate phone calls, ask these questions about the top five companies and what they have to offer.

What are the top five inmate phone call companies?

The top five inmate phone call providers include GlobalTel, SecurTel, IC Solutions, Prison Connect and YouCallme. Each of these companies can help provide you with a new number that will forward all calls to your mobile device or landline. All you need to do is give the new number to your loved one in prison. Calling this number can reduce call rates by a large margin, so you don’t have to pay the premium prison call rates.

How much will I save on calls from inmates?

You can save a ton of money with your new prison call phone number. The services provided by the top inmate call providers will greatly reduce charges by up to 90%. In some cases, like with YouCallMe each call may cost you less than one dollar.

Do I have to sign a contract?

None of the top five inmate call companies require a contract. The only signing up you have to do is for the number itself. You do not have to agree to any term and you can cancel at any time. So its nothing like your regular phone plan.

Are there any hidden fees or cancellation fees?

One of the best things about the top five inmate call companies is that there are no hidden fees. You pay the $4.99 per month for Prison Connect or the $46 for three months with GlobalTel or SecurTel and that is it. No other strings are attached.

How much call time do I get?

When it comes to call time with any of the top five companies, there are no limits. You will be able to answer as many calls from your loved one in prison as you desire without any additional fees. With unlimited minutes, you always be in touch with friends or family members behind bars, making them feel closer to home.

Can I call long-distance?

Another great thing about using inmate call services is that you’ll also save money by eliminating charges for both local and long-distance calls. There are no fees or upcharges for calling long-distance. You can call anywhere you want within the US. However, there may be a charge for calling outside of the country, as you may need to purchase an add-on product for your service in order to do so.

How often do I have to pay?

How often you need to pay will depend on your plan. Some companies like Prison Connect will charge once per month, while other companies like GlobalTel and SecurTel charge once every three months. If you are unsure, be sure to connect with customer service to inquire.

Is the call-quality decent?

GlobalTel, SecurTel and IC Solutions offer the best quality calls possible, so there is no downside to using your new special number rather than normal one. But if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, there is a satisfaction guarantee for most of the top five providers.

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