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Samsung Galaxy tablets are a terrific alternative to the Apple iPad. With high-resolution displays and 8-core processors, Samsung Galaxy tablets are every bit as impressive and in some ways even better than their pricier competition. Samsung currently offers a variety of Galaxy tablets that offer fantastic performance and an easy to use interface. The top Samsung Galaxy tablets include the Galaxy Tab S2, the Galaxy TabPro S and the Galaxy View. Each of these tablets offers the best experience possible and offers a convenient and easy way to entertain kids and adults alike, wherever they may be: on the couch or on the road. If you are interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy tablet, ask these questions when making your decision.

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Will I need mobile service to use a Galaxy tablet?
Some Galaxy tablets such as the Galaxy View 64 GB version, will require mobile service from Verizon or AT&T. the Tab S2 is also available with other carriers including T-Mobile and US Cellular. otherwise you can choose a tablet that connects to Wi-Fi rather than 4G LTE.
What's the closest model to an iPad?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the closest option to an iPad allowing for the download of apps, streaming and browsing the internet. It's the perfect device for work or play, even allowing you to conveniently pay the bills from the couch.
How much will a Samsung Galaxy tablet cost.
The cost of a Samsung Galaxy tablet will depend on a few differnt things. The Tab S2 costs less than $400, but the TabPro S costs around twice as much. You'll also need to consider the cost of carrier service if you plan to use the device on-the-go.
How much storage will I get?
With Samsung Galaxy tablets comes a number of storage options. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 features 32GB of memeory, while the TabPro S features 128 GB of memory. The Galaxy View allows for 32 GB or 64 GB.
What's the best tablet for streaming?
For those only interested in tablets fro their streaming capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy View is by far the best option for that purpose. The Galaxy View is specifically designed to deliver the best streaming capabilities than any other tablet.
What security measures are in place?
Besides the use of passwords to protect your personal information, there is also an option to use your fingerprints. Just like in the sci-fi movies, users can scan their fingerprints to gain access to the tablet, making sure nobody but you can use your tablet.
What's the best tablet to use in place of a laptop?
The best tablet to use in place of a laptop would have to be the Galaxy TabPro S which features a connectable keyboard, an Intel Core processor and a Windows 10 OS.
What size display do I want?
The Samsung Galaxy offers a few different display size options. Most display sizes for the Galaxy tablet hover around 9 inches, while some are closer to 8 inches. The Galaxy View features an 18 inch display for the best quality streaming experience.

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