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Making the transfer from RN to BSN doesn’t have to be a pain. With RN to BSN online programs you can obtain your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in a flexible, convenient way, making your life a lot easier, especially for those working as an RN. The right RN to BSN program can help you advance your career and prepare yourself for greater responsibilities as a nurse. The top schools for online RN to BSN programs include Kaplan University, Illinois State University and the University of Alabama. Each of these schools offers a quality education in a convenient setting for working nurses. If you are an RN considering an RN to BSN program online, ask these questions before deciding on the best program for you.

How much is tuition?
Tuition may be one of the most important considerations when it comes to online programs. If you plan to go through a program at your own pace, then you may want to consider a lower tuition, as it can cost you a lot more over time.
Will I need to make any on-campu visits?
It's important to choose a program that doesn't require you to visit the college if you live far away from it. Be sure you can fulfill all your requirements as a student before selecting a program, that is unless you live close by the school of your choice.
Do I have an Associate's degree?
Before you can get into an RN to BSN program, you'll need at least an Associate's degree in Nursing. These programs are meant for individuals working as RN's who have clinical experience in the field. 
How competitive am I?
When picking an online program, especially from a prestigious college, you'll need to evaluate how competitive you re with others. Getting accepted into a program may rely on your grades from your RN program, no matter how much experience you may have as an RN.
Do I have reliable internet connection?
Reliable internet connection is a must for online RN to BSN programs as are most online courses. Because cirrculum is taught mostly online and exams may be time sensitive, it is vital to have reliable internet connection to complete online courses.
Is this program accredited?
In order to be thoroughly prepared to advance your career, you'll need to involve yourself in an accredited program. Search online for accredited programs that will be sure to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to do well in your career.
Are there accelerated programs available?
If you have the time to do it, accelerated programs can advance your status as an RN to BSN in no time. For those working full time as an RN, this may be a difficult program to attempt. However, if completed, you'll be able start reaping the rewards a lot sooner.
Can I study alone?
Because online courses involve less human interaction, it may be more difficult for you to find others to study with. Due to the limitations of online coursework, you may find studying on your own, for longer than a normal on-campus course to be a bit much. Most studying will be done on your own.

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