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Looking for a comfortable piece of furniture? You can't go wrong with a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs were first introduced in 1968 and became raving success very quickly, and they are still a popular option to this very day. Premium bean bag chairs are fun for adults and especially children, offering durability and exceptional comfort. Children and adults alike can jump on them, sit on them, sleep in them, and use them for gaming. These fun and comfortable chairs are mostly a sizable fabric bag filled with beads of polystyrene, dried beans or other material very similar. The bean bag chair comes close to an anatomic chair. The leading brands on the market include brands such as Ultimate Sack, Moon Pod, and Lovesac. Ask These questions to learn more about premium bean bag chairs.

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Do bean bag chairs have any health benefits?

The Moon Pod line of products is the first of their kind to reinvent the traditional bean bag chair. Their high technology of reinvention causes consumers to sit, recline, relax, and sleep similar to a Flotation Therapy session. Many consumers suffering from stress, insomnia, PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety, say that this product offers a calming effect that provides them with never-ending comfort and relaxation, bringing an end to many of life's stressors.

What can you tell me about the Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair?

Amazon does not list The Zero Gravity Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair on their site. Consumers must visit this product's website for product descriptions and pricing. The manufacturers of the Moon Pod reinvented the traditional bean bag chair in the USA partnered with China. These chairs are extremely lightweight, yet they support any body shape and are space sensitive, taking up only four feet of floor space. The filling made of customized high-friction beads fills supportive shells. The material covering the outer shell is a blend of unique elements that allows the chair to hold any shape. Materials are machine washable. Prices for Moon Pod Chairs for kids and adults range from $400.00 upwards to over $1000,00. 

Where can I get an affordable bean bag chair?

The lowest prices for the Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs found on Amazon under prices most of the costs found on the manufacturer's website. Amazon offers the cheapest chair at $89.00 for kids. One hundred percent virgin foam fills this chair providing kids extreme comfort. It is double stitched, has machined washable covers and a durable inner liner. It offers a highly durable zipper. This kids' chair measures 30 inches and weight about 25 pounds.

Does Ultimate Sack offer adult chairs?

This company has a whole line of bean bag chairs for adults that come in many sizes. The highest priced chair sells on Amazon for $304.00. The Ultimate Sack 6000 has a footstool and measures six feet around, is 69 - 75 inches across, 34 - 38 inches high and weighs up to 70 pounds. All other descriptions of this product match the kids' chair.

What is the most popular bean bag chair brand for adults?

Amazon does not sell the highly favorite Lovesac Bean Bag Chair. Consumers can visit the company website, The most expensive chair runs $1,700 with 25 percent off lowering the price to $1,275. The Big One is very big and fits best in rooms where there is much space. The filling is very soft and consists of premium shredded Dura foam. This filling absorbs body weight evenly. The mixture refuses to compress over time, and the cover made from Seaglass Hide Phur offers maximum comfort. This chair has a duffel bag for storage. The Big One weighs 95 pounds and measures 6' wide and stands 4'1" high. 

Does Lovesac offer other furniture items?

Absolutely. Consumers can go to the company website at to see their gallery of a fantastic line of high-quality, comfy sectionals and ottomans along with their product line of highly popular bean bag chairs for the whole family. This company produces high-quality, trending and attractive blankets, footsacs, sac covers, and throw pillows made with high-quality materials and stitching to last a lifetime.

What makes Ultimate Sack so popular?

These chairs are of high quality and made in the USA. This company offers a three-year warranty with no registration required from consumers, no questions asked, and no hassles. They stand by their product and repair all products on rare occasions should damage occur. The 100 percent virgin foam filling is extraordinarily comfortable and fluffy. Prices are reasonable and affordable.

Does Lovesac make bean bag chairs for kids?

The cheapest bean bag chair produced by Lovesac runs typically $350.00, and consumers can find this chair frequently 25 percent off bringing the price to $226.50. The Gamersac for kids weights 22 pounds and measures 2'6" wide and 2'8" high, covered in Eskimo Swirl Phur makes this lesser expensive chair as comfy as the Big One. 

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