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As a child, opening the mailbox to find the current issue of your favorite magazine that you had been waiting on for four long weeks was a very exciting time. Cracking open the fresh pages and flipping through it might take hours. Although adults do not show it as much, the excitement is still there, and flipping through a magazine on a day off can be fun. Magazine subscriptions are still widely available both online and in print. If you are considering signing up for a magazine subscription, there are some things that you should think through and ask about before finalizing your order. Read on to learn about what considerations should be made and what questions should be asked.

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How much does the subscription cost and how many issues are included?

It is always important to know how much an item you are considering will cost. Magazines can run a variety of prices from less than a dollar per issue to over $5 per issue depending on the particular magazine. For instance, 12 issues of Cosmopolitan is currently $11.50, while Car and Driver is $6 for 12 issues.

How do I cancel and can I cancel before my subscription is up?

If you purchased 10 issues of HGTV magazine for $15.99 but find that you do not like it, the company may cancel your subscription and refund you the $15.99 minus the cost of the issues you already received. They might switch your subscription to one of equal cost, or they may make you continue your subscription.

Will the subscription automatically renew when it is over or will I be asked if I wish to continue?

If your niece talked you into signing up for a Horse & Rider 12 issue subscription for $15.95 as part of her fundraiser, you may not want a second subscription. Find out if the company will automatically renew it or not so you can call in and cancel if necessary. If you want to continue it, ask if the price will remain the same.

Can I afford this subscription?

Although most subscriptions do not cost a lot, you should make sure that paying for it will not take away from anything else. If you are on a tight budget, a $27 subscription to Bird Watching may not be in your best interest.

Is it worth my time?

Is it on a topic you actually are interested in? Will you actually take the time to read it? For instance, unless Arabian horse breeding/raising is your business or passion, paying $40 for an Arabian Horse World magazine subscription is probably a waste. If you are going to spend the money, be sure it is something you will actually read.

Do I have the space to store them?

The cost of items never stops at the purchase price. They also cost space and time to clean up. Subscribing to a magazine that you have no space for will do nothing but cause clutter. Paying $25 for 48 issues of Good Housekeeping, a magazine that teaches you to organize and declutter, is not only quite ironic but also a hassle that you probably do not want to deal with unless you have plenty of space to store them.

What will I do with the issues when I am done with them?

Do you have a friend you can pass the subscriptions on to? Will you give them to your kids to cut up? Or will you send them to the recycling center? Having a plan for where they will go when you have finished with them will also help cut the clutter.

Is this magazine available online?

Unless you are a die-hard paper fan, it may help you to subscribe to an online subscription instead of a print one. Amazon Kindle Unlimited, known for its selection of books, also has current magazine subscriptions, and the service is only $9.99. If you are an avid reader, this may be the best option for you. Apple also has a service called texture for $9.99 per month on which you can find over 200 magazines.

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