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For those who have ever wept over the cost of a morning cup of coffee, this is the perfect article! While the die-hard coffee gurus will bicker over comparison between a Keurig and an old-fashioned brew pot, French press or pour-over, who has the time? Home coffee machines dispense a single, perfectly-poured cup of coffee instead of brewing an entire pot. For a single or even double coffee drinking household, an entire pot is not necessary. Honestly, dark roast coffee with milk and sugar certainly hits the spot in the morning, regardless of how it is brewed. Unfortunately, the cost of K-Cups can quickly drain the wallet. Of course, those who purchase K-Cups are paying for the convenience and speed. Thankfully, there are multiple ways of cost-cutting when purchasing K-Cups. Ask these questions to learn more.

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Where can I buy K-Cups in bulk for a discount?

Walmart offers a variety of bulk options from some of the best brands. For instance, for medium roast 96-count Donut Shop K-cups cost only $25 which equates to $0.27 per pod with free two-day shipping. For those who love Green Mountain Coffee, Walmart sells Lake and Lodge Coffee for $55.92 per 96-count which calculates to $0.58 per pod.

Are there any sales on Breakfast Blend K-Cups?

Amazon has the best deal on the Breakfast Blend variety. Search Stack Street for 80-count Breakfast Blend pods that cost $19.95. This works out to $0.25 per pod and is one of the best Breakfast Blend deals available online.

Are there deals on Dark Roast Coffee K-Cup Pods

Yes, head over to Amazon to find the Amazon Brand, 100-count Dark Roast Coffee K-Cup pods for $29.99. This calculates to only $0.29 per K-cup. Another good option on Amazon is The Donut Shop Blend K-Cups, 80-count for $22.39 which costs $0.28 per unit. Both are free two-day delivery with an Amazon Prime account.

Where can I find deals on specialty K-Cup beverages?

For deals on specialty drinks such as Hot Apple Cider, Lemonade, Hot Cocoa and Iced Tea, 11th Street Coffee provides excellent prices ranges from $11.99-$13.99 per 24-count. The more popular brands tend to be less expensive than the less-known options. Walmart also sells specialty pods such as Cafe Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Cafe Mocha for around $0.63 per pod when buying a 16-pack.

Does Green Mountain have any Sales?

11th Street Coffee has a variety of Green Mountain varieties at a discounted price. Currently, there are many flavors available for purchase for $11.99 for a 24-count box. This works out to just under $0.50 per pod which is a great deal.

Where can I find discounts on special flavored coffees?

Specialty flavored coffees are often more expensive than regular brew. However at 11th Street Coffee, there are numerous flavored coffees from brands like Folgers and Kahlua that are discounted to $11.99 per box of 24 which calculates to under $0.50 per pod.

Are there any sales on K-Cup teas?

11th Street Coffee offers a variety of teas including Chai Latte, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Sleepytime and Green Tea for $11.99 for a box of 24 pods. These options are from different well-known tea brands such as Celestial and Lipton.

What is the best place to find seasonal blends?

Once again, 11th Street Coffee has seasonal blends including, Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Blend and Southern Sweet Iced Tea for $11.99-$12.99 per 24-count. Options are available from different popular brands including, Green Mountain Coffee, Snapple and Celestial Tea with prices varying based on the flavor and brand. However, the piece price per pod does not differ by much so there is still a nice savings.

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