Ask This About Juvenile Lawyers

Juvenile lawyers have the tools and resources to help the youth of today. For juvenile crime defense juvenile lawyers can ensure your child stays within the juvenile system and gets fair treatment in the court of law. Only a juvenile lawyer can protect your child and give them the best defense possible. These lawyers are trained to handle a variety of cases including drug possession, DUI, assault, and vandalism among other crimes. You can find juvenile lawyers in your area through online websites like lawyers.com, attorney.com and AVVO. If you are in need of a juvenile defense lawyer, you can search through dozens in your area to find one qualified to care for your child. Ask these questions when looking for juvenile lawyers.

Will a juvenile lawyer prevent my child from being tried as an adult?
The right juvenile lawyer will work tirelessly to keep your child within the juvenile system. This means they will go to great effort to keep your child from being tried like an adult, so that can have a hopeful future.
When should I contact a juvenile lawyer?
When you should contact a juvenile lawyer will depend on your own personal judgement. It is suggested by some that you have a lawyer that will be ready to answer your call after your child has been arrested for a crime. Therefore, you may want to contact a lawyer as soon as you suspect your child may be in trouble.
Should I plead guilty or not?
Whether you plead guilty or not will depend on your particular case, and will be determined in part by your trusted lawyer. Generally, it may be important to consider that if you plead not guilty and are found guilty, the judge may press for a harsher sentence, but this may not always be the case.
Can they handle juvenile delinquency cases?
Juvenile lawyers are able to handle juvenile delinquency cases, ensuring your child gets fair treatment, and may potentially be able to reduce punishment for delinquency. They can also speak with school authorities to handle cases of misconduct.
Do I need to get in touch with a juvenile lawyer if my child has never done anything wrong?
You can never keep track of your kids 24 hours a day. You may not be able to determine that your child has never committed a crime or could commit a crime just from their interactions with you. Additionally, innocent interactions between young people can often go misinterpreted as a sex crime by authorities that may not have the full story. You should always be prepared for anything when it comes to youth.
If my child turns 18 at the time of trial, will the lawyer still be able to defend me?
In most circumstances, most juvenile lawyers will still be able to defend your child for a crime they committed as a 17 year old juvenile. Like any other juvenile case, these lawyers look to defend the interests of young people.
Has this lawyer handled a case similar to my child's?
You not only want a juvenile lawyer that has handled plenty of cases, but you also want to be sure to hire a lawyer that has handled your child's similar case. This will ensure the lawyer is well-equipped to give your child the best possible representation.
How will I pay?
In hiring a juvenile lawyer consider how often the lawyer will send out bills and whether or not you'll be prepared to cover those costs. This may seem obvious, but different lawyers will have different methods when it comes to billing.

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