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Do you dream about going to film school? Going to film school is the first step on the journey to a rewarding career in film. Even if you do not have a desire to direct, film school is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the film industry and how to make a high-quality film. Whether you are interested in sound production, design, or just good storytelling, film school can get you started on the path to the career of your dreams. The top 3 film schools in the country are University of Southern California, New York University, and American Film Institute. If you are interested in going to film school, ask these questions to learn more.

Can I study the work of specific directors?
Depending on the school you choose, there will likely be classes that focus on the work of specific directors. This will allow you to learn from the masters as you master your own craft.
Will I need my own equipment?
You will be taught how to use equipment. If you have your own equipment, that is great, but if you are tight on funds, the schools usually have equipment for you to use for your film projects.
Do I need references?
Providing letters of recommendation is generally considered good practice when applying to any reputable university or school, and film school is no different. Providing these letters will give the admissions office a better idea of who you are and how skilled you are at achieving your goals.
What cinematography classes are available?
If you really are passionate about the art of making film, you'll probably be very interested in learning about the cinematography. These classes will make up the core of what you are learning
What level of degree can I get?
You can generally achieve the level of education you wish to achieve, but you need to check with your school to find out what degrees they offer. Talk to your admissions advisor to get a better idea of what options are available to you.
Are there special guest speakers?
There will likely be special guest speakers at your school, especially if you go to one of the top 3 schools. Schools will frequently invite former students who have achieved success in the film industry to come talk to students.
Will I receive hands-on training?
During your time at film school, you will have the opportunity to learn not only the principles behind film but have numerous film projects to work on to show that you are learning what they are teaching. You will also likely complete your education with an internship.
Which schools receive the most funding?
USC, NYU, and the AFI all receive a ton of funding. USC is located in Los Angeles, California and is the alma mater of many film legends. In addition, all of these schools have higher tuition rates so you know they are getting the funding to provide a quality education.

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