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Granite countertops can make any kitchen pop thanks to a sophisticated and sleek design suitable for any kitchen. But granite countertops aren’t just beautiful to look at, they are exceedingly practical and convenient. Thanks to their easy to clean smooth surface, granite countertops are a great option for those who hate cleaning the kitchen, which is most anyone. Although somewhat pricey in comparison to other countertops, they are well worth the price for many people, especially when it comes to durability and longevity. The top places to find granite countertops online include Lowes, Seconds and Surplus, and DoItYourselfGranite.com. Each of these websites offers varying ways to begin installing your very own granite countertops. If you are interested in buying granite countertops online for your kitchen, but aren’t sure they are right for you, ask these questions.

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Where can I find DIY granite countertop kits?
Do it yourself granite countertop kits can be purchased from a number of places online. DoItYourselfGranite.com offers some of the best DIY kits around which can be completed fairly easily.
How can I get consultation?
Consultations can be received in a variety of ways: both online and in-store. You can receive consultation from a store and then go ahead with an online seller. Lowes offers both in-store and online consultation.
How much will it cost me?
How much granite countertops will cost you will depend on exactly what you want. It will also depend on the size of your kitchen and more specifically counter area. To get an estimate, you'll need some sort of consultation.
What color am I looking for?
Granite countertops come in a variety of colors and rock styles to fit any kitchen. One of the hardest decisions you'll need to make is the color/style of granite countertop you want for your kitchen.
Do I love my cabinets?
If you don't love your cabinets, it may not be the right time to buy granite countertops. Once a granite countertop is placed on top of cabinets, it cannot be removed without destroying it. If you plan to replaced your kitchen cabinets, you'll also have to replace your granite.
How long will it take to install?
When choosing an online granite seller, you'll need to keep a couple things in mind. It may take some time before the company is ready to come to your home. And of course you'll need to take into consideration, the installation itself which may take days.
How long is the warranty?
Before buying granite countertops, consider the warranty. With the amount you'll be investing in your countertops, you'll want to be sure they last you a long time. Do It Yourself kits may not have a very long warranty due to the fact that they will not be installed by a professional.
How can I save money?
Online and through a consultant you may find a variety of ways to save money. You may find cheaper online prices for countertops, or may want to buy a do it yourself kit. Installation done in segments rather than one long piece will usually save you a ton of money, as it is easier to install, though it may not complete the look you are going for.

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