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    Ask This About Foods for Constipation

    Constipation is a difficult and sometimes embarrassing medical issue to discuss with your doctor. Even when it is mild, it is annoying and at worst, it can cause severe pain and other serious medical issues. Many things can cause constipation, but the easiest to avoid are the foods that cause constipation. There are many foods that either cause or contribute to constipation, but there are many foods that help treat constipation. You should always talk to your doctor before going on any special diet, but if you suffer from constipation, ask your doctor these questions to see what you can do to give you some release and relief.

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    Will drinking water help?
    Adequate hydration can definitely help constipation. If you are dehydrated, you can suffer a host digestive issues, so always make sure you are drinking enough fluids. Water is always best.
    Do I need to eat a lot of foods that fight constipation?
    It is not necessary to eat a lot of fiber-rich food, but if you regularly suffer from constipation, you might want to have a diet that strongly features foods that fight constipation to avoid a problem from arising.
    Will eating too many make me sick?
    Eating a diet rich in fiber and other nutrients can help fight constipation, but consuming too much can lead to a host of other issues including indigestion, stomach ulcers, or even embarrassing diarrhea.
    Are there any sweet treats for constipation?
    Metamucil has delicious cinnamon wafers that you can eat to help you move things along. You can buy them at drugstores or online at retailers like Amazon if you need some help with your constipation but don't want to take a foul laxative.
    Which foods should I avoid?
    Avoid foods like bananas that will block you up. Too much bread can similarly cause constipation issues. It's best to eat a diet rich in fiber and healthy amino acids to keep you regular.
    Are there any cookbooks for meals that fight constipation?
    You can look online for recipes that are rich in fiber or are specially designed to help relieve constipation and the issues that accompany it. In addition, Amazon or Barnes and Noble may have cookbooks designed for medical issues.
    Are there any vegetables that can help with constipation?
    Foods that are high in fiber, like green, leafy vegetables, are excellent for constipation because they soften the stool. Too much fiber can cause other digestive issues, however, so make sure to eat moderate amounts.
    Are there any fruits for constipation?
    Dates, figs, and prunes are excellent fruits to eat for constipation. In addition, the juices of these fruits can be easily added to smoothies or shakes to help you out without the tastes.