Ask This About Domain Name Registration

Want to host a website? Every website starts with a domain name. With domain name registration services, you can set up your website’s name and start hosting your very own webpage for personal or business purposes. Whether you are creating a blog, gallery or online shop, setting up your domain is easy and cheap with the right services. Required for reserving your websites domain name, registration allows you to reserve and use a domain name for as long as you keep paying. But believe it or not, domain name registration can often be the cheapest expense when it comes to owning a website. If you are interested in registering a domain name for your website, ask these questions.

What can I do with my domain name?

With your domain name, you can of course create and host your own website. However, that’s not the only thing you can do. Alternatively, you could register a desirable domain name and sell it to another who wants to use it. Some people also register multiple domain names that are similar to the domain name of the website they are hosting, so that others cannot take the similar domains and potentially steal traffic from their website. Additionally, if you have a great idea for a domain name that is not taken, but you aren’t sure what to do with it yet, it wouldn’t be too expensive to hold onto the name until you’ve decided how to use it. There’s no requirement to use the domain name to host a website.

What is the importance of a domain name?

Domain names are important because they are your web address. And like a street address, it’s how people find your page. A simple domain name makes finding your website so much easier and ensures that the name of your website will be remembered so people can easily come back to it.

What happens if my domain expires?

As mentioned earlier, you keep your domain name for as long as you pay for it. If you stop paying for the domain, it will expire, and the domain will no longer be yours. It will re-enter the registry and if someone else takes the domain, it will no longer belong to you.

What if my domain name is taken?

If your domain name is taken by someone else and you want it back, the only way to get it back is to wait for it to expire again, but there’s certainly no guarantee that will happen. Alternately, you can purchase the domain name from the owner, provided they are not using the domain to host a website. They may ask for a higher value of course in order to make a profit from the domain you want to use.

What can you tell me about WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that helps businesses, bloggers and working professionals build a website from the ground-up, making creating and managing a website easier than ever. The website even allows you to quickly register a domain name in just seconds. For just $4 each month, you can get a custom domain name, free themes, chat support, design customization and so much more.

What can you tell me about NameCheap?

NameCheap is a great place to get affordable domains for just $8.99 per year, making it the cheapest and quickest way to establish a brand name with your very own domain and email address. The company also offers hosting and security services for your domain.

What can you tell me about WIX?

WIX offers domain name registries for as low as $5 per month for a year. A combo plan available at around $10 will give you’re your domain name free of ads as well as up to 3GB of storage space. Higher-level plans will give you unlimited bandwidth. However, every domain comes with free hosting, phone and email support, and also a 14-day refund policy.

What is the cost?

The cost of a domain name depends greatly on the particular domain you are after, as aged domains can cost around millions of dollars, while newer domains can cost you as little as $10 to $15 per year. For as long as you make your yearly payments, that domain name belongs to you

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