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Diaper pails can be a godsend if you are taking care of an infant. Babies constantly need diaper changes, and continuously taking your diapers to the trash bin outside can be exhausting on top of everything else you have to do for your baby. Diaper pails are a disposal system that is effective, efficient and convenient. Simply put, a diaper pail will become your companion literally almost every time you have to change your baby. Diaper pail disposal systems allow you to throw away soiled diapers in your home without the smell. They are also essential if you are running a nursery. With that in mind, here are some common questions for you to consider when purchasing diaper pails and refills. Here's how you can save on diaper pails and diaper pail refills.

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Do diaper pails require special bags in order to operate?

There are a lot of diaper pails that will require special bags. There are some that do not require them. If a diaper pail that requires a bag is purchased, the consumer simply has to allow for that slight extra cost when the pail is purchased. One diaper pail that does not require a special bag would be the white Ubbi Money Saving bag, which is currently trending at Amazon for $69.99.

What is the size of the diaper pail?

The size of a diaper pail is surprisingly important. Consumers should look for a diaper pail that will fit with the size of their nursery. Diaper pails do not come in a one-size-fits-all manner. One example of a diaper pail with a convenient size would be the Screw Top Pail, available in six gallons and selling at ULINE for $22.50. Of course, you'll need to purchase the appropriate refills which can be found on the website. 

How versatile is the diaper pail?

The most versatile diaper pails will be the ones that are durable and do not require a special bag. If a person can literally lift the bag out and carry on with their day that is extremely advantageous. The Akord Disposal Pail and Refill System is available from North Shore Supply and features a double-seal and a foot pedal, so it is definitely a good example of versatility. Refills start at just $19.99.

Is the diaper pail customizable?

Naturally, a lot of individuals will want a diaper pail that will match the decor of their nursery. The best diaper pails will be the ones that have a removable sleeve that can be changed out to match the background. One example would be the Diaper Genie Expressions Disposal System, which is now available at Target for $23.49 and Wal-Mart for $23.36. Refills for this system cost just $16 for a pack of three.

Is each individual diaper tied off within the pail?

Again, this is hit-and-miss when it comes to various diaper pails. Although it is not a deal-breaker if it doesn't have it, the individual using the diaper pail will have to keep this factor in mind when they transfer. In short, they must be tolerant of the smells from the other diapers.

Is the diaper pail user-friendly?

Naturally for any diaper change you always should have one hand on your child while they are being changed. However, there are many diaper pails that are user-friendly. The best ones provide a foot-pedal that will keep the parent's hands free. The Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail has a great foot pedal, and can be purchased at Target for $29.99. 

Can the diaper pail work fully with a trash bag?

Many individuals will utilize a diaper pail that can accommodate a trash bag simply because of the convenience that it offers. Being as well-rounded as possible is key for any diaper pail, and this would include the Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System, which is presently available at Amazon for $52.97.

Do diaper pails trap odors?

There are indeed a lot of diaper pails that have an odor-trapping system. They can often also provide special scented bags that will mask the smell as well. Moreover, they also manufacture pails that are made of different materials that will keep the odor at bay more effectively. One example of this would be the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete, which retails for $40 on Amazon. 

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